Living in Bucharest: Week 12

Monday 14th May – Sunday 20th May 2018

This weekend I had some more visitors come to town. One arrived early on Friday and entertained herself while I was at work. It turned out that she didn’t have to entertain herself for as long as I had expected as just after I packed her off in a taxi to my flat, with my key, I realised I’d managed to forget my trainers and so had to skip football practice. This exercise thing does not come naturally to me. My other friend arrived later than expected. Although her flight was only short, she ended up spending longer trying to get out of the airport and to my flat than she actually did on the plane. Apparently Bucharest airport’s passport control can get hectic on a Friday night – and I have experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of trying to call an Uber to the airport. Sometimes it works just fine, other times you get cancelled on 20 times. Continue reading “Living in Bucharest: Week 12”


Living in Bucharest: Week 11 – a trip to Iași

Monday 7th – Sunday 13th May 2018

Back during my first month in Romania, I ventured outside of Bucharest to the Transilvanian town of Cluj-Napoca. Since then I’ve been off to other countries but I’ve not actually been to anywhere else in Romania. Finally, however, this week I continued my Romanian wanderings and explored the country’s second largest city – Iași, located in the region of Moldavia. Having been told it would take me many, many hours to get to Iași (pronounced like “yash”) if I tried to go by train, I decided to fly. This took less than an hour, although did still involve an early start as I wanted to make sure I had as much time in the city as possible.

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Living in Bucharest: Weeks 6 – 9

Monday 2nd – Sunday 29th April 2018

I’ve got a bit behind with my Bucharest posts in recent weeks. That’s partly because I have been busy and partly because, from a Bucharest point of view, I don’t really have much to report. The weekend after my last Bucharest post, it was Easter weekend in Romania (a week later than Easter back in England). This was pretty helpful for me as my family happened to be on holiday in Berlin that weekend, so I could actually join them. This was made all the better by the fact that this is the first year Romania has celebrated Good Friday as a national holiday. I had timed my visit well. Continue reading “Living in Bucharest: Weeks 6 – 9”

Two Days in Vienna

Friday 13th – Sunday 15 April 2018

While I am spending 6 months on secondment to Bucharest, one of my work friends is doing the same thing in Vienna. Obviously we, along with some of our friends who have stayed in London, want to make the most of having an excuse to visit to new places with free accommodation. So one Friday after work, I took advantage of my office being en route to the airport and headed off for a weekend in Austria.

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