Japan Part Three: Osaka

Tuesday 8 October – Friday 11 October 2020

We arrived in Osaka Station fresh off – not a bullet train – but a Thunderbird. This was less exciting than it sounded. It was an older train but still got us from Kyoto in a pretty quick time. Osaka Station was quite impressive. There was a big shopping mall next to it and we spent a while in the Canterbury sportswear store in there trying to dig out Japanese rugby shirts to wear to the England v France world cup game we had tickets for (any rugby fans reading this will know how that story ends. Stay tuned). Continue reading “Japan Part Three: Osaka”

Japan Part Two: Kyoto

Saturday 5 October – Tuesday 8 October 2020

It was a very easy journey from Tokyo to Kyoto on the bullet train. We climbed aboard the train and a couple of hours later we climbed back off again. We’d even caught some views of Mount Fuji from the window as we sailed by. The train station in Kyoto wasn’t as central as the one in Tokyo and we decided to make the 30 minute journey to our hotel on foot. We walked for a while down a pretty narrow road, getting snuck up on by electric cars that we couldn’t hear until they were right behind us. Continue reading “Japan Part Two: Kyoto”

Japan Part One: Tokyo

Wednesday 2 October – Saturday 5 October 2019

Japan has been on my bucket list ever since I read Memoirs Of A Geisha, nearly 15 years ago. I was in my teens, the film had just come out on DVD and I couldn’t afford to buy it so I bought the book instead – despite generally being more of a watcher than a reader.

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A Weekend in Warsaw

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th June 2019

I’ve known my flatmate for nearly two years now and for the majority of that time she has been suggesting a trip to Poland – where she’s from. Finally, we picked a weekend to go with some other friends from work. We initially planned a trip to Krakow, which is not where she is from but is where her mother lives. However, inexplicably, flights doubled within the space of a week and so instead we booked a trip to Warsaw. We headed off on a evening flight from Stansted, set to return on Sunday. Continue reading “A Weekend in Warsaw”

Berlin Vol. 12: Five Days, One Run

Friday 5 April – Tuesday 9 April 2019

Last year, my family had our first full family trip to Berlin. My Dad and one of my brothers was running the Berlin Half Marathon and my Mum, other brother and me would be cheering them on. For some crazy reason, they decided to do the same thing this year and my other brother decided to join them.

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A Guide to Where to Eat, Drink and Sleep in Berlin

Blog updated: March 2019

Berlin is easily one of my favourite cities in the world. There’s so much good food and so many great and interesting bars. It’s also a good city to be in both if you’re a backpacker on a budget and if you want to treat yourself. I must admit, during my summer in the city, the main thing I did was eat so this guide will mainly focus on that but since many of these places also do good drinks, that really is a win win.  Continue reading “A Guide to Where to Eat, Drink and Sleep in Berlin”

17 Touristy Things To Do In Paris

After my latest trip in February this year, I have now been to Paris a whole three times – only two of which I actually remember since the first time I was 11. Despite multiple visits, I have yet to do anything that’s particularly off the tourist trail but since I’ve loved my visits to Paris I’m going to share my incredibly touristy activities anyway.

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Five days in Paris is always a good idea (part 2)

Saturday 9th February – Monday 11th February 2019

After two days of exploring Paris by myself, spent wandering around museums and eating whatever I wanted whenever I wanted it (I’d had a great time), Saturday arrived and with it came my friends. I’d had a lovely time solo but I was looking forward to seeing them – I just had a few other things I wanted to do first.

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Five days in Paris is always a good idea (part 1)

Thursday 7th February – Friday 8th February 2019

For me, 2019 marks the first year of 30th birthdays (not mine). The first of these was at the beginning of the month. My housemate decided to use her 30th as an excuse to get a group of her friends to go to Paris for a weekend. Obviously I was game. In fact I was so game that I arrived two days before the weekend’s events kicked off. Continue reading “Five days in Paris is always a good idea (part 1)”

South America Part Four: Bolivia (La Paz to Uyuni Salt Flats & Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve)

Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July 2017 

My backpacking adventure to South America lasted a mere three weeks. This was already an inordinately short amount of time, which I could easily have spent entirely in Peru but my friend and I decided to duck out of the country, between our trips to Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain, for a few days to visit one of Peru’s neighbours: Bolivia. We had a specific destination in mind that made it worth a whirlwind visit: the Salt Flats in Uyuni.

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