Living in Bucharest: Weeks 17-24 – Part One

Monday 18th June – Saturday 25th August 2018

Due to things getting pretty busy in Bucharest, I got quite behind with my posts for the last few months of my stay. So instead of weekly journal entries, here instead is a (not so) quick run through of my activities over the last weeks of my time in Bucharest.  Continue reading “Living in Bucharest: Weeks 17-24 – Part One”


Living in Bucharest: Week 16 – a trip to Budapest

Friday 15 June – Sunday 17 June 2018

When my friend and I both headed off to CEE to work for 6 months – her to Vienna, me to Bucharest – we immediately started chatting about the places we wanted to visit while we were over there. Once out there, I was surprised to find that travel around Eastern Europe from Bucharest wasn’t quite as easy as I’d imagined. It turns out flying from London to a lot of places in CEE isn’t that much more expensive and doesn’t take that much longer. If anything, several places are actually easier to get to from London. Thankfully, however, the first place on our CEE Bucket List was an easy flight from Bucharest: Budapest.

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Living in Bucharest: Week 15 – a trip to Sighisoara

Wednesday 6th June – Thursday 7th June 2018

I arrived in Sighisoara with my adopted travel buddy – quite literally hot off the bus – mid-afternoon. It had been a  2 hour journey from Sibiu in a mini bus so, safe to say, I was happy we had arrived. The sun was out (and Uber is not a thing in Sighisoara) so we walked the 15 minute walk from the bus station, passed the Sfânta Treime (Holy Trinity) church to Burg Hostel – picked because it seemed to be the only hostel in Sighisoara. I had thought a 15 minute walk didn’t sound too bad but lugging my bag uphill to get to the citadel turned out not to be much fun.

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Living in Bucharest: Week 15 – a trip to Sibiu

Sunday 3rd June – Wednesday 6th June 2018

The 2.5 train hour journey from Brasov didn’t feel too long at all, particularly when you factor in napping time. I walked to my hostel with the new travel buddy I’d picked up in my last hostel, while the houses watched us as we went passed – many of the houses have little windows in the roof that look like eyes watching you. It’s a little bit creepy but this is Transylvania.  Continue reading “Living in Bucharest: Week 15 – a trip to Sibiu”

Living in Bucharest: Week 14 – a trip to Brasov, Bran and Sinaia

Friday 1st June – Sunday 3rd June 2018

When I first moved to Bucharest, I felt like I would have all the time in the world to explore the country. Six months sounded like a long time – I had many weekends at my disposal where I could explore until my heart’s content. However, it wasn’t long before those weekends filled up. Funny how, when you can offer free accommodation abroad and access to an amazing, cheap spa, you suddenly have lots of friends wanting to come and see you. Continue reading “Living in Bucharest: Week 14 – a trip to Brasov, Bran and Sinaia”

Living in Bucharest: Week 13 – a trip to Constanta

Monday 21st May – Sunday 27th May 2018

This week, my out of work wanderings started one weekday evening, when I ventured into a new part of town to have dinner with a work colleague. Our destination was a restaurant called Camizo but before we went for dinner, we went for a little stroll around a small park nearby called Parcul Titanii. This was a nice little area, heavily shaded by trees. We came across a building with a fish tank along the edge, which looked like it was well overdue for a clean, and spotted a hedgehog. I never see actual hedgehog out and about. This one looked like a little Pokemon – emerging from a bush, scampering around, and then returning to its hiding place. I didn’t try to catch it.

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Living in Bucharest: Week 12

Monday 14th May – Sunday 20th May 2018

This weekend I had some more visitors come to town. One arrived early on Friday and entertained herself while I was at work. It turned out that she didn’t have to entertain herself for as long as I had expected as just after I packed her off in a taxi to my flat, with my key, I realised I’d managed to forget my trainers and so had to skip football practice. This exercise thing does not come naturally to me. My other friend arrived later than expected. Although her flight was only short, she ended up spending longer trying to get out of the airport and to my flat than she actually did on the plane. Apparently Bucharest airport’s passport control can get hectic on a Friday night – and I have experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of trying to call an Uber to the airport. Sometimes it works just fine, other times you get cancelled on 20 times. Continue reading “Living in Bucharest: Week 12”