My London Adventures: an evening of cheese and beer

14 December 2016

I’ve had many adventures since I moved to London. On Wednesday night, I had one of the best so far. I had an evening of cheese. After work, I met a friend and walked for about a half hour from Holborn to Borough Market – by London Bridge tube station. We were going for the “Evening Of Cheese” event that was being thrown there that night. Continue reading “My London Adventures: an evening of cheese and beer”


Four days in Oslo

22 – 25 May 2015

Day One: Friday

After I finished work – at around 5.30pm – on the Friday before the May Bank Holiday weekend, I arrived at the Heathrow Terminal 2, ahead of my 7.30pm flight to Oslo. The Flatmate met me there and we spent the time before boarding grabbing some dinner (meatballs from Leon) and stocking up on bags of sweets for the flight (Wine Gums and Starburst to be precise).

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My Top 3 Berlin Christmas Markets

25 – 27 November 2016

As much as I do hate winter, Christmas is probably my favourite time of year. I love the food, I love the festiveness and I love the markets. Until a couple of weeks ago, the only time I had been to actual German markets was back in 2004 when I was 13. I went on a school trip to the markets in Aachen and Cologne and they were amazing. They were so cute and festive. Since then, I’ve frequented multiple German-esque Christmas markets in England. My university town of Nottingham has a small one every year and London is rife with them. There’s the big Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – complete with both expensive fairground rides and a free German-style Christmas Market – and ones on the South Bank and by the Tate Modern – and they’re just the ones that I have personally been to.

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Berlin Vol 4.3: Christmas Markets, cafes and family history

27 November 2016

On our second morning in Berlin, my Dad and I learnt from our mistakes the day before. We were planning on hitting up more Christmas markets today and this time we knew not to load up on breakfast before we went. We were going to want food there. So, after a yoghurt and some OJ, we headed out into the cold in the direction of Alexanderplatz. Continue reading “Berlin Vol 4.3: Christmas Markets, cafes and family history”

Berlin Vol.4.2: hot chocolate and Christmas Markets with extra cheese

26 November 2016

In the morning, we were up, out and on our way to Weyers – our usual breakfast haunt. They do an incredible continental breakfast for 2 people that could easily feed more. We had breads, jams, multiple types of cheese and cured meats and some salmon. It was delicious and definitely defeated us. Weyers 1 – Us 0. Continue reading “Berlin Vol.4.2: hot chocolate and Christmas Markets with extra cheese”

Berlin Vol 4.1: flight delays and tasty kebabs

25th November 2016

My fifth trip to Berlin started the same as many other trips do with budget airlines: delayed. There I was, sitting at Stansted, having stocked up on magazines and meatballs from Leon, expecting my gate to imminently appear on the departure boards, only to find that the estimated departure time for my 7.30pm flight had been changed to 8.30pm. Obviously no explanations were given until I was finally on the plane where I heard a muffled announcement from the pilot saying something about how the plane had already made a lot of journeys that day. I guess it was tired or something.

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Croatia Part Four: Split

6 – 8 June 2016

We arrived at Split’s harbour after about an hour’s ferry ride from Hvar (give or take a slight delay) and walked for a short while until we found our accommodation for the next couple of nights – Hostel Split Garden – which we had found on Hostel World whilst in Hvar. We arrived to find the place was quite busy. There was a communal area outside was packed full of guys noisily drinking before their night out. We checked into our room but didn’t stick around for long before we headed out on the search for food.

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