My Top 10 Travel Experiences

I’ve been pretty lucky over the last few years. I’ve been to many incredible places and done and seen some pretty amazing things. But there’s some experiences that do stand out above the rest. It’s hard to narrow it down to just ten but since I have to do so (well I don’t have to, but I’m making myself do it) then I’d say that it would probably be these, so in no particular order: Continue reading “My Top 10 Travel Experiences”

Luxor Part Six: a day in Cairo

29-30 July 2014

Despite being in bed for a few hours, I had only had about 45 minutes sleep before my alarm went off at 5am. We were getting picked up at about 6.15am to be taken to the airport, so we had to be up and out. An hour after we managed to drag ourselves out of bed, we were set to head to the lobby when I glanced at my watch – it read 5am. That couldn’t be right – my phone said it was nearly 6am, but The Flatmate’s phone agreed with my watch. Then it changed its mind and switched to 5am. We called reception to find out what the time actually was: it turned out my phone clock had jumped ahead an hour. We should have had another hour in bed.

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Luxor Part Five: Feluccas on the Nile and Banana Island

28 July 2014

Since my The Flatmate and I went off to Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple and Luxor Museum yesterday, that made today a pool day. We bumped into the group of guys whose card game we had crashed a couple of days ago and spent the day chatting with them, submerged in the pool, away from the endless heat.

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Luxor Part Four: Temples, Luxor Museum and Another Family Dinner

27 July 2014

As our holiday went on, The Flatmate and I fell into a routine of sandwiching pool days with cultural days. Since the day before had been spent by the pool, today we were being taken to the local temples and museum by the locals we had made friends with.

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Luxor Part Three: Sheraton Hotel and A Failed Light Show

26 July 2014

The morning started with a big breakfast, with the addition of pancakes to my regular pastries and melon. The day was most certainly a pool day and The Flatmate and I spent the majority of the day in the whirlpool with two people we’d met in the hotel. Things got off to a positive start – with a morning cocktail – and we chatted away in the sun for hours. The thing with summer in Egypt is that it is so hot that you do need to spend some time somewhere cool and make sure you are covered in sun cream. After the horrible sunburn I managed to get on day one, I swapped my standard stuff for The Flatmate’s extra strong lotion – thankfully, that did the trick. Eventually our pool was closed so we moved to the hotel’s main pool by the Nile, where we watched the sun set over the river.

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Luxor Part Two: Valleys of the Kings & Queens and Temple of Hatshepsut

25 July 2014

In the morning, after another breakfast of pastries and melon, my holiday buddy and I met up with The Local from last night and his friend took us all on our day’s sightseeing trip to the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens and Temple of Hatshepsut. The sites were on the opposite side of the river Nile to the town of Luxor but, thankfully, the drive still wasn’t too long. Our first stop was the Valley of the Kings, where The Flatmate and I hopped out. The boys didn’t want to come in and chose to wait in the excruciatingly hot car whilst we went in. Continue reading “Luxor Part Two: Valleys of the Kings & Queens and Temple of Hatshepsut”

Luxor Part One: the Souk and the Locals

23-24 July 2014

I think I’ve been starting most of my posts abut Egypt by saying that I had wanted to go since the age of 10, after watching The Mummy and deciding I wanted to dig up pyramids for a living. I could barely believe it when my friend and I finally booked a trip for a week in Luxor with Thompson. You can therefore imagine my frustration when our trip started with us getting delayed in Gatwick and sitting for about an hour on the runway whilst some petrol was getting cleaned up. I just wanted to get to Egypt.

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My Top Five Reasons To Visit Egypt

Not long after I got back from my trip to Egypt, the Egypt Tourism Authority asked me to write about my top five reasons to visit the country. That wasn’t easy as, during my time there, I discovered, many reasons why Egypt is an awesome place. Here are five of them:

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Nine things to do in Marrakech

I’d been dying to go to Marrakech for ages before I actually had the chance to go. I didn’t really know exactly what it was about Marrakech that made me want to go. I think it was just that I knew it would be hot and exotic, with some amazing scenery and delicious food, and that turned out to be exactly right.

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My UNESCO World Heritage Checklist

After doing my list of the Seven Wonders of the World, I wondered how many UNESCO World Heritage sites I’d seen without knowing it and how many I had left to do. It turns out, that out of the 1,121 (as updated) preserved cultural and natural landmarks, I have been to 58. Only 1,063 to go then – I may complete my Seven Wonders list first: Continue reading “My UNESCO World Heritage Checklist”