Nordics Part Two: Helsinki

Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 November 2018

After another inevitably delayed flight, my friend and I arrived in Helsinki from Copenhagen some time after 11pm. I didn’t know the public transport situation in Helsinki but I did know how expensive everything (which in this case would be a taxi) would be so I was a bit nervous. My fears were confirmed when my friend said that the last train would be leaving in about 5 minutes and we didn’t have enough time to get to the station – but there would be a bus. It turned out my friend was wrong, there were still trains but it looked like they would take a similar amount of time so we opted to stick with our bus plan, since we were already by the bus stop. This turned out to be wrong too and we ended up actually at our destination, somewhere around the centre of Helsinki, at about 12.30/45am. Continue reading “Nordics Part Two: Helsinki”