Guide To My Singapore Trip

I went to Singapore as part of my Great Big Gap Year Adventure in 2010. After America and Australasia, it was my first ever experience of Asia. I was only there for a couple of days but during this time I stayed with the Gap Year Buddy’s aunt and uncle, who took us out and recommended some sites. At the time, I thought that a couple of days was enough to explore Singapore – a sentiment which I have heard expressed by others – but in hindsight I’m sure there is much that I did not get to discover. This guide, however, tells you what I did get to see.¬† Continue reading “Guide To My Singapore Trip”

My Top 10 Travel Experiences

I’ve been pretty lucky over the last few years. I’ve been to many incredible places and done and seen some pretty amazing things. But there’s some experiences that do stand out above the rest. It’s hard to narrow it down to just ten but since I have to do so (well I don’t have to, but I’m making myself do it) then I’d say that it would probably be these, so in no particular order: Continue reading “My Top 10 Travel Experiences”

Two days in Singapore

15-17th June 2010

I landed in Singapore, fresh from Australia, after a really good flight with Qantas – I was sold on the airline as soon as we were given a menu to order our in-flight meal from; you don’t often get that treatment in economy. There was also slightly more room as the seats were set in twos rather than threes. The Gap Year Buddy and I were staying with her aunt and uncle, who were nice enough to collect us from the airport and take us straight to Little India for dinner. After our first taste of the delicious cuisine that Singapore had to offer, we were finally able to crash. Continue reading “Two days in Singapore”

15 Weird and Debatably Wonderful Foods and Drinks to Try in Asia

Eating unusual foods in Asia is as much of a tourist activity as any. You cannot leave without having sampled a local delicacy and experiencing a different food culture. Here is my guide to some of the tasty treats I tried when I was in the area.

Continue reading “15 Weird and Debatably Wonderful Foods and Drinks to Try in Asia”