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Egypt Cairo pyramid

Luxor Part Six: farewells and a day in Cairo

29-30 July 2014 Despite being in bed for a few hours, I had only hand about 45 minutes sleep before my alarm went off at 5am. We were getting picked up at about 6.15am to be taken to the airport, so we had to be up and out. An hour after we managed to drag ourselves out of bed, I we were set to head to the lobby when I glanced at my watch- 5am it read. That couldn’t be right- my phone said it was nearly 6am. My friends phone agreed with my watch however. Then it changed its mind. We called reception to find out what the time actually was: my phone clock had jumped ahead an hour. We didn’t need to be up yet.

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Egypt Luxor Temple

Luxor Part Three: a pool, cocktails and some minor detours

26 July 2014 The morning started with a big breakfast with the addition of pancakes to my regular pastries and melon. That day was most certainly a pool day and my holiday buddy and I spent the majority of the day in the whirlpool with two people we’d met in the hotel. It got off to a positive start- with morning cocktail- and we chatted away in the sun for hours. The thing with summer in Egypt is that it is so hot that you do need to spend some time somewhere cool and make sure you are covered in sun cream. After day one, I swapped my standard stuff for my friend’s extra strong lotion- thankfully, that did the trick. Eventually our pool closed so we finally moved to the pool by Nile, where we watched the sun set over the river.

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Luxor Egypt Nile

Luxor Part One: the river, the souk and a new friend

23-24 July 2014 I think I’ve started most of my posts about Egypt by saying that I’d wanted to go since the age of about 10, after watching The Mummy and deciding I wanted to dig up pyramids for a living. I could barely believe it when I finally booked my trip, for a week in Luxor with Thompson, along with my best friend. You can imagine my frustration, therefore, when my flight was delayed in Gatwick and we had to sit for about an hour on the runway whilst some petrol was cleaned up. I just wanted to get to Egypt. 

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Egypt Luxor Sheraton

Hotel Review: The Sheraton Resort @ Luxor- Luxury on a Budget

When I looked down at my phone over the summer to find a string of messages from my over-excited soon-to-be holiday buddy, squealing about a deal she’d found online. It almost looked too good: flights to Egypt, seven nights at the Sheraton Hotel, transfers and breakfast thrown in for less than £500. The photos of the resort looked amazing, with its big, circular pool, overlooking the River Nile and we could be there in a mere three weeks time. A couple of hours later, we were booked in.

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Magnetic Island

5 Places I’d Love to Revisit

There are so many places in the world that I want to go to and I’m pretty sure that there’s not enough time for me to see them all. That said, sometimes I just want to go back to somewhere I’ve already been to. I mean, if it’s good- why wouldn’t you? Vasudha Aggarwal from Travel Defined and Monika Moreva from Two and a Half Bloggers (two fellow travel bloggers who I seriously recommend you check out if you haven’t already) nominated me for this post. Basically, this is an idea by “ – Top Destinations to Go There” which involves bloggers picking the top five places they would love to go back to. I also have to link back to the original post and nominate five people to carry it on. Seems like a great idea to me so lets go:

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Egypt Cairo food

My Top 5 Egyptian Foods

A little while after I got back from my trip to Luxor, the Egypt Tourism Authority asked me to write about my top 5 Egyptian foods. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the food in Egypt. I have eaten Middle Eastern cuisine before (in fact I am quite a fan) but I didn’t know how Egyptian food would compare. Thankfully, I was in for a nice surprise- particularly because I was lucky enough to be treated to some home-cooked, local foods. I am not much of a cook myself but I’m going to have to try and track down some of those recipes because, over a month later, I’m still craving Egyptian food.

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