My City Guide: Bucharest – Museums & Galleries

Bucharest is home to several museums and galleries and, during my six month stay in the city, I made it to five of them. My experience of each was a bit hit and miss and this was often due to the amount of information available in English. Most of the information on display at the Village Museum and the art galleries I frequented was in both Romanian and English but neither the National History Museum nor the Natural History Museum had this level of English translations, making them harder to appreciate. However, each museum and each gallery still contained an array of interesting and different exhibitions.

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A Guide to Berlin’s Christmas Markets

Blog updated: January 2019

As much as I do hate winter, Christmas is probably my favourite time of year. I love the food, I love the festiveness and I love the markets. I first went to actual German markets back in 2004 when I was 13 and I went on a school trip to visit the ones in Aachen and Cologne. They were amazing. They were rustic and festive and I was able to find some lovely gifts, whilst munching away on tasty market sweet treats.

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Four of Bucharest’s Rooftops

I love a good rooftop. There’s something about having a drink up high that gives it more of a sense of occasion. Plus if it’s a well positioned rooftop you might even get some quite nice views. Thankfully, Bucharest is not short of rooftop bars and cafes and during my six month stay in the city, I discovered four of them.

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Berlin Vol. 11: Four Days of Christmas (Markets)

Friday 7 December – Monday 10 December 2018

For two years in a row, my Dad and I went to the Christmas markets in Berlin to do our Christmas shopping. This year, I thought we would have to break what could have become a tradition. I was going to be going away for a long weekend around Christmas but this year the plan was to go to Tromso with a friend from university. I’d booked the time off work but before I booked my flights, my friend announced he had to cancel due to work commitments. I debated going to Tromso alone but since my Dad was keen for another Berlin trip and, since it was Christmas, I decided to change my plan and booked flights for my fourth trip to Berlin this year.

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Galway Girls Weekend

Friday 23 – Sunday 25 November 2018

Ireland is one of those places that is so close to home, I never really consider it as a holiday destination, despite the fact that I would actually love to explore it more – I know it has some amazing landscape. So when one of my work friends, who comes from an area near Galway (so lets call her GG), suggested a group of us went for the weekend, I was all aboard.

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Nordics Part Two: Helsinki

Thursday 15 – Sunday 18 November 2018

After another inevitably delayed flight, my friend and I arrived in Helsinki from Copenhagen some time after 11pm. I didn’t know the public transport situation in Helsinki but I did know how expensive everything (which in this case would be a taxi) would be so I was a bit nervous. My fears were confirmed when my friend said that the last train would be leaving in about 5 minutes and we didn’t have enough time to get to the station – but there would be a bus. It turned out my friend was wrong, there were still trains but it looked like they would take a similar amount of time so we opted to stick with our bus plan, since we were already by the bus stop. This turned out to be wrong too and we ended up actually at our destination, somewhere around the centre of Helsinki, at about 12.30/45am. Continue reading “Nordics Part Two: Helsinki”

Nordics Part One: Copenhagen

Tuesday 13 – Thursday 15 November 2018

Having to get up early in the morning is never my favourite thing to do but there are worse things than having to get up early to go on holiday. My flight to Copenhagen left Gatwick a bit before 9am (so not super early) and I had a smooth start to my trip. My bag inexplicably got pulled over at security but once it proved it could soberly walk in a straight line it was allowed to go without charge. My flight with Norwegian Airlines was obviously delayed (because why would any flight leave on time) but my friend and I still arrived in Denmark with plenty of time to enjoy the day. Continue reading “Nordics Part One: Copenhagen”