Six Countries I’ve Loved Revisiting

Towards the end of last year, I wrote about the 5 places that I’d love to revisit. Although I love exploring new countries, I also love going back to places that I enjoyed the first time around. I mean, if you have a favourite flavour of Ben & Jerry’s (Half Baked, of course), you don’t only have it once and then continuously just try other flavours- you go back to what you love. Besides, just because you’ve been to one place in a country, doesn’t mean you’ve done it- the culture of one town can be wildly different from another. Continue reading “Six Countries I’ve Loved Revisiting”


Hanoi Part Three: expensive taxis, rain and ice cream-offs

Dates I was there: 8-9 September 2011

The next morning, I intended to find Hang Be Market, which was close to my hotel, before I moved on elsewhere. Sadly, that morning, I wasn’t feeling great so I instead spent the morning in bed in front of the National Geographic Channel. Continue reading “Hanoi Part Three: expensive taxis, rain and ice cream-offs”

Hanoi Part Two: a trip to see big rocks and blue water (aka Ha Long Bay)

Date I was there: 6-7 September 2011

I was picked up at 8.30am from the Hanoi Style Hotel to begin my trip to Ha Long Bay– the UNESCO site where rocks loom out of the turquoise water. My travel agent had said that I may be on the trip alone but four hours later, along with the bus load of people we were on a rather bumpy and uncomfortable ride with, I was on a little boat heading to the Phoenix Cruiser which was to be my tour boat for the next couple of days.  Continue reading “Hanoi Part Two: a trip to see big rocks and blue water (aka Ha Long Bay)”

Hanoi Part One: the hotel crawl, markets and museums

Dates I visited: 3-5 September 2011

The start of my three-week trip around Asia was an early one. 3.30am to be precise. By 4am, I was in the car on the way to Heathrow’s Terminal 4, which was somewhat tricky to find due to an apparent lack of signage. Thankfully, I managed to check in with bags of time to spare. Today’s flight was with Jet Airways, with a stop-off in Mumbai- my one and only trip to India (but hopefully not my last)- before changing in Bangkok and on to Hanoi.  Continue reading “Hanoi Part One: the hotel crawl, markets and museums”


After doing my list of the Seven Wonders of the World, I wondered how many UNESCO World Heritage sites I’d seen without knowing it and how many I had left to do. It turns out, that out of the 981 preserved cultural and natural landmarks, I have been to 25. Only 956 to go then- I may complete my Seven Wonders list first: Continue reading “My UNESCO List”

8 countries to go shopping in

Whilst arguably it may not be the most ‘cultural’ activity, you cannot go abroad without going shopping. Well, you can’t if you’re me anyway. Not only is there the necessity of buying gifts for people at home but you will want something that reminds you of your trip away. It is also a great opportunity to hunt for a bargain.  Continue reading “8 countries to go shopping in”

A Week in Ho Chi Minh City: Part Two

Date I was there: 1-4 July 2010

Following on from part one, our next activity involved catching a taxi to Chinatown. Learning from our mistakes yesterday, we set a price of 100,00 dong with our driver. Annoyingly, when we got there the meter read 62,000 dong but we didn’t get change. Sadly, the market was disappointing. It was more for the locals, with lots of food and kitchen bits, although there were also a lot of knock-off handbags. We quickly gave up and went to KFC for brunch. My travel buddy went for the cultural option of chicken and rice but I stuck to my burger. Continue reading “A Week in Ho Chi Minh City: Part Two”