The Modern Toilet Restaurant @ Hong Kong

When my friend told me about the toilet-themed restaurant in Hong Kong, I decided this was something I needed to see for myself- if only just for the photo opportunities. As we sat down, it was pretty easy to tell that we were in the right place:  there were pipes, urinals and decorative toilet seats on the walls, the tables were sinks with a glass top and we sat on toilets. Part of the restaurant was also  designed to look like a shower room. The food was served in miniature loos and basins and, I have to say, it didn’t taste great- but what the food lacked in taste, the restaurant made up for in sheer novelty-value. Although, they seemed to have run out of quite a bit of food. We had unlimited cake and ice cream but sadly the only flavours of ice cream were taro (a kind of purple potato thing), coffee (which I didn’t like at the time but, since my time at university, necessity has made me a coffee-fan) and sesame. We didn’t really order much dessert. Continue reading “The Modern Toilet Restaurant @ Hong Kong”


Hong Kong Part Four: free nights out and the end of a very big tour

Dates I was there: 13-15 July 2010

After a not-so-cultured lunch of Caesar Salad at the Pret-A-Manager in the IFC Mall, we hopped on the MTR and headed over the the cable car we needed to catch to get to the  Tian Tan Buddha. It was a pretty picturesque way to travel, above the water and the green mountains below.  Continue reading “Hong Kong Part Four: free nights out and the end of a very big tour”

Hong Kong Part Three: mussels, geese and boats

Date I was there: 11-12 July 2010

As our big Gap Year trip drew closer towards its end, my travel buddy and I were still not inspired to get out of bed early and as 12.45pm, our host came to chase us out of bed. We all went out to Kowloon with a stop off at a View Point for… wait for it… some views of the suspension bridge, heading towards the New Northern Territories for some impressive scenery around the Gold Coast. We wandered up and down the Piazza, looking at different stalls that were situated near the water edge. We even got a cartoon done of us as a little memento- out of all of us, I think mine was the closest resemblance. Continue reading “Hong Kong Part Three: mussels, geese and boats”

Hong Kong Part Two: open bars, views and discovering the future

Date I was there: 9-10 July 2010

In the morning, we went out to Aberdeen for a late lunch of noodle soup which consisted of beef, pork, squid balls, fish balls and some other bits and bobs. Afterwards, we decided that that was quite enough excitement for the time being and so crashed out by the pool, under the clouds. Despite the lack of sun, it was still hot enough for us to sleep on the sun-loungers. Continue reading “Hong Kong Part Two: open bars, views and discovering the future”

Hong Kong Part One: Twilight, Chicken’s Feet and Eating Out Of The Toilet

Date I was there: 5-8 July 2010

After only a two hour flight from Vietnam, my travel buddy and I landed in the Hong Kong heat to be met by our old school friend, who would be hosting us during our stay. After some reunion hugs and a brief train ride, we arrived in the city itself and were picked up by our friend’s mum who took us to their home. We freshened up and headed out to dinner at Times Square in Causeway Bay, where there was a Toy Story theme going on in celebration of the upcoming film (this was a while ago). We were thrown in at the deep end with some casual duck’s tongue. I ended up dropping it on the floor but didn’t make a second attempt. We also had “drunken chicken” (i.e. cold marinaded chicken) and some tasty noodles, fried fish and crispy fish, so overall it was a good start to the trip. We then rounded off the night with cocktails and my first shisha experience at SaharaContinue reading “Hong Kong Part One: Twilight, Chicken’s Feet and Eating Out Of The Toilet”

My seven wonders of the world

Bucket List number 43: see the seven wonders of the world. 

I think that this is probably a regular feature on bucket lists: Christ the Redeemer, Petra, the Great Wall of ChinaChichen Itza, the Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu with either the Pyramids of Giza or the Colosseum taking the last place. With the exception of the latter I haven’t been to any.  Continue reading “My seven wonders of the world”