Berlin Part 13.1: Kebabs, Chocolate and Ouzo

Friday 25 February – Sunday 27 February 2022

Pre-pandemic, I loved a trip to Berlin – in 2018, I went four times. In 2019, I decided to calm it down a little. I only went once and, having been to the Christmas markets for three years in a row, I figured I’d skip them so they’d have some novelty value again when I went back in 2020. Needless to say, that plan didn’t quite work out thanks to a tiny global pandemic. In the end, it ended up being nearly three years before I finally made it back and, having not been in so long, there was only one thing I wanted to do … a nostalgia trip. Continue reading “Berlin Part 13.1: Kebabs, Chocolate and Ouzo”

Berlin Part 12: Käthe Kollwitz Museum, Cathedral and Much Food

Friday 5 April – Tuesday 9 April 2019

Last year, my family had our first full family trip to Berlin. My Dad and one of my brothers was running the Berlin Half Marathon and my Mum, other brother and me would be cheering them on. For some crazy reason, they decided to do the same thing this year and my other brother decided to join them.

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Berlin Part 11: German Christmas Markets and Japanese Food

Friday 7 December – Monday 10 December 2018

For two years in a row, my Dad and I went to the Christmas markets in Berlin to do our Christmas shopping. This year, I thought we would have to break what could have become a tradition. I was going to be going away for a long weekend around Christmas but this year the plan was to go to Tromso with a friend from university. I’d booked the time off work but before I booked my flights, my friend announced he had to cancel due to work commitments. Continue reading “Berlin Part 11: German Christmas Markets and Japanese Food”

Berlin Part 10: Treptower Park, Mauerpark and Sanssouci Park

Thursday 18 – Monday 22 October 2018

Sometimes I wonder how much more of the world I would have seen by now if I had never discovered Berlin. This thought is always shortly followed by another – that I don’t really care. As much as I love travelling and discovering new places, going to Berlin for me now always has a sense of going home and that’s lovely.

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Berlin Part 9: Benedict’s Brunch, East Side Gallery and SoHo House

Friday 17th August – Sunday 19th August 2018

After 6 months of living in Romania, you may think that my last weekend before moving back to London would be an important one to spend at home – making the most of the things I’d come to love. Like chips from Cartofisserie, Gyros from Thessaloniki, burgers from Simbio, pancakes from Coftale and Hugos from Linea / Closer To The Moon. And, of course, I’d need time to say goodbye to Therme. Earlier on in my trip, however, that thought didn’t occur to me. My friend was on secondment in Vienna and we both had a public holiday on the Wednesday before so we figured we could take a couple of days off and make it into a trip to explore more of Eastern Europe. Continue reading “Berlin Part 9: Benedict’s Brunch, East Side Gallery and SoHo House”

Berlin Part 7: Five days of Christmas Markets

Thursday 7th – 11th December 2017

Day One: Thursday

My Dad and I arrived for our 5,000th trip to Berlin into Schönefeld airport on Thursday afternoon. We hadn’t eaten much so a visit to Max and Moritz kebab shop was inevitable. I’ve had many a kebab in my time – in fact I’d perhaps even go so far as to call myself a kebab connoisseur – but these are my favourite and they’d be hard to top. Although I’d be happy to do the research. Whilst we had come to Germany for the Christmas markets, by the time we had landed and filled up on kebabs, we weren’t really feeling up for doing much. Instead we crashed out for a few hours before my Dad suggested dinner. I still wasn’t hungry after my tasty, tasty late lunch but I admitted we needed to leave the house.

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Berlin Part 6.3: Chocolate Cafe, Topography of Terror and Italian Food

Monday 17th – Wednesday 19th April 2017

The next morning involved another long lie-in. The room I was sleeping in had no curtains so we’d thrown up some big blankets to cover them. They worked very well. So well that they were basically black out blinds so waking up was actually pretty difficult as it was always so dark. That’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking with it. Continue reading “Berlin Part 6.3: Chocolate Cafe, Topography of Terror and Italian Food”

Berlin Part 6.2: Mauerpark and Schnitzel

Sunday 16th April 2017

Sunday in Berlin meant only one thing: Mauer Park. Unfortunately, unlike last weekend, the weather today was not so nice. Instead of heat and sun, it actually started hailing as I got the U Bahn with my family to Eberswalder Straße. I was pretty sure the weekly karaoke would not be on in this weather and was dubious that visiting the flea market was a good idea but my Dad was pretty set on going there so off we went. Continue reading “Berlin Part 6.2: Mauerpark and Schnitzel”

Berlin Part 6.1: Neues Museum and Vietnamese Food

Friday 14th – Saturday 15th April 2017

The beady eyed among you might have noticed my last trip to Berlin finished only on 11th April. Basically, I arrived back home in London on Tuesday night, whipped out my laptop and booked a return flight for the Friday! A little extravagant I know. You see, I’d booked my initial flights to go to Berlin with some friends a couple of months ago. Then, a week or two before the Easter bank holiday, my family decided they were going to go as well. It hadn’t even occurred to me to join them until my last day in Berlin, when they suggested I just stayed until they arrived. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any of my uni work with me – which really needed to get done – and I did have things on back in London so I came back, but only for a couple of days.  Continue reading “Berlin Part 6.1: Neues Museum and Vietnamese Food”