My Top 10 Travel Experiences

I’ve been pretty lucky over the last few years. I’ve been to many incredible places and done and seen some pretty amazing things. But there’s some experiences that do stand out above the rest. It’s hard to narrow it down to just ten but since I have to do so (well I don’t have to, but I’m making myself do it) then I’d say that it would probably be these, so in no particular order: Continue reading “My Top 10 Travel Experiences”


Travel Activities: Surfing

I’ve always wanted to give surfing a try but just never seemed to get the opportunity. Then finally, when I was travelling along the east coast of Australia, it seemed my time had come. After all, this was prime surfer dude territory.  Continue reading “Travel Activities: Surfing”

Nine things to do in East Coast Australia

East Coast Australia is the ultimate backpacker destination. The route is very much prepared for the number of travellers that swing by, meaning there’s loads of places to stay, bars to dance in, places to visit and tours to take and it is all so accessible. You’ll also meet people from all over the world who to come to Australia to explore. There’s iconic architecture, natural wonders and a lot of wildlife for you to meet. I was in Australia for four weeks, travelling from Sydney up to Cairns, and if I had to pick out the best things I did, it would be these nine:
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After doing my list of the Seven Wonders of the World, I wondered how many UNESCO World Heritage sites I’d seen without knowing it and how many I had left to do. It turns out, that out of the 1,092 (as updated) preserved cultural and natural landmarks, I have been to 36. Only 1,056 to go then – I may complete my Seven Wonders list first: Continue reading “My UNESCO List”

My Seven Wonders of the World (and Back-Ups)

Ellis’ Bucket List: see the seven wonders of the world. 

I think the seven wonders are probably a regular feature on bucket lists everywhere: Christ the Redeemer, Petra, the Great Wall of China, Chichen Itza, the Taj Mahal and Machu Picchu with either the Pyramids of Giza or the Colosseum taking the last place (depending on the list you read). So far, I’ve only made it to the pyramids and the Colosseum.

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My Top Four Places To Relax

I don’t know about you but, on a day-to-day basis, I find relaxing hard. There is always something to stress about. Travelling is the time to escape that but even then there are still worries. Do you still have your passport? Will your debit card be accepted? What time does the bus leave?

Here are my top four places where I’ve actually managed to get close to stress free living:

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