My top four places to relax

I don’t know about you, but on a day to day basis, I find relaxing hard. There is always something to stress about. Travelling is the time to escape that but even then there are still worries. Do you still have your passport? Will your debit card be accepted? What time does the bus leave?

Here are my top four places where I’ve actually managed to get close to stress free.

Australia: Byron Bay

Despite there not being too much to do in Byron Bay, my travel buddy and I spent several days there. In the evenings we would go to Cheeky Monkey’s for food, entertainment and dancing but during the day, after we finished exploring the town, we could just relax. It has both a chilled out vibe and a nice beach. However, I found my hostel, the Arts Factory Lodge, to be the most relaxing place. With a pool and deckchairs, I could sit and read in the sun with friendly faces coming and going during the day before the night’s activities began.


Thailand: Bangkok

I realise that most people who have been to Thailand would recommend its beaches if you want to relax, but since I have only really been to Bangkok, I can’t do that. On my last night in the city, my friends and I treated ourselves to a Thai massage. Again these aren’t known for being relaxing, but after I’d been pulled in directions I didn’t know I could be pulled in, I went for a (yet another) wander around Khao San Road, had a bit of a shop whilst munching on pancakes from the market stalls and had a couple of beers. I’d been in the area for several days but, this time- zen, full, shopped out and maybe a little bit tipsy- I was utterly relaxed.


Italy: Venice

Venice is a beautiful city and whilst it may be known for being on the pricey side, happily the wine is not. My travel buddy and I frequently found ourselves sitting in a square or by the river with a glass or two of wine, chatting away in the mild weather. If that’s not relaxing then I don’t know what is.


Germany: Berlin

I can’t pinpoint that moment of pure relaxation during my time in Berlin, I just know it happened. It may have been when we were listening to the karaoke in the sun in Mauer Park, when we fell asleep at a faux beach next to the railway station or when we were crashed out on our sofa after school, in front of the Tudors. Although Berlin is a bustling city, it doesn’t feel too overcrowded or stressful, so day-to-day living actually seemed to be relatively serene. 



10 thoughts on “My top four places to relax

    1. Thank you! I would definitely recommend all these places, although if you’re going to Bangkok, it is definitely worth exploring a bit more of Thailand as well- I wish I’d got to do that more


  1. Hi Ellis,
    Travel can be hard work especial if you are on a do yourself trip. (Much preferred) After a day or two you get the lay of the land, time schedules etc. Then you can start to unwind.


  2. I agree. I love to travel but I often find myself worrying about logistics, especially when you’re alone. Having places where you know you won’t do that is nice. Nothing enjoyable about being stressed.


  3. Totally agree with Byron Bay!! So chilled there, stayed at arts factory too!
    Lennox head, 40mins away from Byron, would definitely be in my top four places 🙂 the one place I wished I’d become a beach bum and not spent the majority of my Australia years in Melbourne!


  4. I actually find it easier to relax and disconnect in the moments moving from one place to the next. Whenever I travel I get so excited about the actual places I’m visiting that once there I get frantic about where to go/what to see/what to eat etc. Byron Bay sounds fantastic though, and I’ve always wanted to go to Bangkok. Great post!


    1. Thank you!
      I think I’m the same, it’s only once I’ve done what there is to do in a place (or at least know that I have time to do everything) that I can actually relax.
      Byron Bay was one of my favourite places in Australia and I would definitely recommend Bangkok, although I do wish I’d seen more of Thailand- a week in Bangkok was a bit too long.


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