A Weekend In York

This weekend, I left the city and headed north. I have a friend studying in York, who is about to go off on a field trip for a few months, so another friend and I thought the time was right to go and visit her. I have never been to York (excluding the one time I passed through on the train, which obviously doesn’t count) but I’d heard it was lovely. I pictured a very picturesque town with lots of character and old worldly buildings. I figured it couldn’t be as quaint as I imagined however, it turns out I was wrong – it was pretty much exactly as I’d pictured it.  Continue reading “A Weekend In York”

Visiting the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour in London

Last weekend, something magical happened. I mean, literally magical. Well maybe not literally but I went to the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour and how much closer to magical can you get? Continue reading “Visiting the Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour in London”

Color Running in London Wembley

Sunday 7 June 2015

Now I have never been one for exercise but taking part in The Color Run (for any fellow Brits, it is an American company hence the lack of “u” in colour – it doesn’t look right to me either) – which involves running 5km and having coloured powder thrown at you every 1km – did take my fancy. It made the idea of running seem more fun and I have wanted to go to India to experience the Hindu Holi festival for sometime. Since I could not afford to go to India, this seemed like a fun alternative… for now. Continue reading “Color Running in London Wembley”

Getting lost abroad: five places I’ve lost my way and found it again

A wise man – J. R. R. Tolkien, to be precise – once said, “not all those who wander are lost.” He had a point. I love wandering around a new city and I often know just where I’m going. However, that is not always the case. Sometimes when I wander I am just plain lost.

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Surfing in Australia

I’ve always wanted to give surfing a try but just never seemed to get the opportunity. Then finally, when I was travelling along the east coast of Australia, it seemed my time had come. After all, this was prime surfer dude territory.  Continue reading “Surfing in Australia”

Extreme Sports in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful place, but if you don’t like jumping off stuff or out of things, you are limiting your choice of available activities. Such as things are the norm for backpacker pastimes. Continue reading “Extreme Sports in New Zealand”

Visiting the White Temple in Thailand

It’s virtually impossible to be a tourist in Thailand and not visit a gazillion temples. They’re everywhere. They’re beautiful and generally adorned with carved stone statues of Buddha. The White Temple is very good at standing out from the crowd.

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Food culture: the real Crete

As someone who generally thinks with their stomach, I am a big believer that local food can give you an insight into a place’s culture. Whilst on holiday with my family in Crete’s coastal town of Agios Nikolaos, we weren’t sure exactly how much culture we were getting shopping and sitting on beaches and by our pool (as great as that was). We were sure the locals had other entertainments.

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