Australia Part Four: lakes, dingoes and goon

After a long day on the bus from Brisbane, with a stop off at the nice, busy beach of Noosa, we finally made it to Rainbow Beach. Our bus driver took a group of us to the Surf Club where we found a Sunday roast dinner. For $15 we had a chicken dinner with vegetables, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes and gravy. It may have been a lot but it was worth it. Once we had finished eating, my travel buddy and I had to leave our group and hop on another bus to Hervey Bay.

Fraser Island
Fraser Island

Both Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay serve as meeting points for trips to Fraser Island. Sadly, the Oz bus stopped for the night in the former and our trip started in the morning from the latter. We missed our orientation with our tour group but we still able to do a drinks run to grab some goon (cheap boxed wine) for the days ahead and there we met everyone else. After a information video, we settled into our room. It wasn’t the nicest place but it was a small dorm with an en-suite and part of the trip price so I was far from complaining.

Fraser Island

Our day started at 6.15am when we were up and out for our prep talk. Our set off was slightly delayed as one person was still in bed but other than that it was a good start. We were a part of a convoy of trucks, with 7 of us in ours. Aged 18, Kate and I were too young to drive the truck, so we were prepared to spend the next couple of days relaxing in the back. After a barge trip, we arrived on the island. Our first stop was central station, where we made a lunch of cheese, tomato, crisp and lettuce sandwiches and then went on a short walk through the forest before heading to stop two: the shipwreck. On the way, we passed Eli Creek, which seemed quite busy so we pulled over to take a peek. It was pretty and the stream was shallow enough to walk up. It was a good way to start our trip. We didn’t stay too long  at the wreck, just long enough for a few photos, before heading to the campsite to set up our tents. My travel buddy and I taught the others how to set up tents (a skill I’m sure I’ve since forgotten) and in return, the boys sorted dinner of pasta bolognese. Once dinner was served, dingoes were chased away and plates were cleaned, it was time to break out the goon and settle down around the campfire with the rest of our convoy. A few of us headed down to the beach to see the high-tide and caught the moon rise above the sea. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Fraser Island
Fraser Island

For goon-related reasons, it was a late start. I had a rude awakening, digging out a bottle of water from the backseat, taking a gulp and realising it was pure vodka. The first place on our list was Lake Allom– filled with tea tree oil and turtles. We had a quick dip and watched the turtles before lying in the sun. Then it was back to Eli Creek and time for a lunch of meat which had finally defrosted. We then arrived at our campsite close by Lake Boomanjin. That night, our campsite was surrounded by fencing so we were able to enjoy a dingo-free dinner of steak and noodles, washed down with goon and accompanied with a few drinking games. After our breakfast of cardboard-cornflakes. We went for a look at the lake next door before going to Lake Boomanjin, where we found a sandy shore and clear blue water. We had a dip, played shoulder-wars, relaxed in the sun, finished off the remainder of our cool-box and then left for the barge back to the mainland.

Fraser Island
Fraser Island

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