Berlin Part 13.1: Kebabs, Chocolate and Ouzo

Friday 25 February – Sunday 27 February 2022

Pre-pandemic, I loved a trip to Berlin – in 2018, I went four times. In 2019, I decided to calm it down a little. I only went once and, having been to the Christmas markets for three years in a row, I figured I’d skip them so they’d have some novelty value again when I went back in 2020. Needless to say, that plan didn’t quite work out thanks to a tiny global pandemic. In the end, it ended up being nearly three years before I finally made it back and, having not been in so long, there was only one thing I wanted to do … a nostalgia trip. Continue reading “Berlin Part 13.1: Kebabs, Chocolate and Ouzo”

Chile Part One: Puerto Natales and Torres Del Paine (W Trek Day 1)

Friday 7 February – Saturday 8 February 2020

It took us around 5-6 hours by bus to journey from El Calafate, in Argentina, to Puerto Natales, in Chile. Our journey took us through a small building that constituted the Chilean border, where we had to disembark and go through border control. This involved putting our hand baggage through security scanners but apparently we didn’t need to do the same with our big bags which stayed on the bus – maybe border control were going through these while we queued but if they did then I couldn’t tell. Continue reading “Chile Part One: Puerto Natales and Torres Del Paine (W Trek Day 1)”

Japan Part Six: Back to Tokyo (Part 2)

Sunday 13 October – Tuesday 15 October 2020

The next morning in Tokyo’s Asakusa district, it didn’t feel like there had been a storm at all. The sky was a clear blue and the streets were filled with people once again. Our first stop was Kappabashi Street, where the shops were open again. We wanted to buy some plastic food. Unfortunately we found out these souvenirs would cost actual money. I’d been hoping it would be relatively cheap so, not wanting to spend like £40 on a fake meal (however well done it was), I settled for a token noodle soup magnet instead of a life-sized dish. I couldn’t come away without anything after all. Continue reading “Japan Part Six: Back to Tokyo (Part 2)”

A Weekend in Warsaw

Friday 14th – Sunday 16th June 2019

I’ve known my flatmate for nearly two years now and for the majority of that time she has been suggesting a trip to Poland – where she’s from. Finally, we picked a weekend to go with some other friends from work. We initially planned a trip to Krakow, which is not where she is from but is where her mother lives. However, inexplicably, flights doubled within the space of a week and so instead we booked a trip to Warsaw. We headed off on a evening flight from Stansted, set to return on Sunday. Continue reading “A Weekend in Warsaw”

17 Touristy Things To Do In Paris

After my latest trip in February this year, I have now been to Paris a whole three times – only two of which I actually remember since the first time I was 11. Despite multiple visits, I have yet to do anything that’s particularly off the tourist trail but since I’ve loved my visits to Paris I’m going to share my incredibly touristy activities anyway.

Continue reading “17 Touristy Things To Do In Paris”

South America Part Four: Bolivia (La Paz to Uyuni Salt Flats & Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve)

Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July 2017 

My backpacking adventure to South America lasted a mere three weeks. This was already an inordinately short amount of time, which I could easily have spent entirely in Peru but my friend and I decided to duck out of the country, between our trips to Machu Picchu and Rainbow Mountain, for a few days to visit one of Peru’s neighbours: Bolivia. We had a specific destination in mind that made it worth a whirlwind visit: the Salt Flats in Uyuni.

Continue reading “South America Part Four: Bolivia (La Paz to Uyuni Salt Flats & Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve)”

South America Part Three: Peru (Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain)

Tuesday 11th July – Monday 31st July 2017

We returned to Cusco from our Amazon trip and Puerto Maldonado but we didn’t stay for long before we hit the road again for our next adventure. This time we had booked a tour from an agency in Cusco that would take us to what must be Peru’s most famous offering: Machu Picchu. There are several different ways of getting there, via the nearest town of Aguas Calientes. You can simply get the train or you can spend several days trekking the famous Inca Trail or the longer Salkantay Trek. Another option is to do what my friend and I did and take the adventure route. Continue reading “South America Part Three: Peru (Machu Picchu & Rainbow Mountain)”