Athens Street Art

I have to admit, I knew very little about Athens before my recent trip. Having studied Classical Civilisation, I could tell you something the city’s ancient past but not much else. I hadn’t expected the reams of street art, decorating the streets, particularly in the area of Psirri, where we were staying. But it wasn’t just there, as we explored the streets of Athens, we not only stumbled across an array of majestic archeological sites but some more recent artistic masterpieces as well. Continue reading “Athens Street Art”


Open House London 2016 | FCO | Supreme Court | Banqueting House

When The Flatmate and I first moved to London, we tried to do something cultural each weekend, whether it would be checking out a museum or a market. After a while, however, that slowed down. Instead of exploring we’d catch up with friends, eat as much food as we could get our hands on or just stay in and watch Netflix for two days. Since it had been a while, we figured that this weekend we’d try to resurrect our cultural days.  Continue reading “Open House London 2016 | FCO | Supreme Court | Banqueting House”

Street art in Notting Hill


Continue reading “Street art in Notting Hill”

Dusseldorf Street Art

Continue reading “Dusseldorf Street Art”

Street art on the Southbank: Part Three

The Undercroft skatepark is an iconic part of the Southbank, regularly drawing in both skaters and crowds. It has also inspired an array of graffiti artists. Over the past year, it has come under threat by redevelopment plans and now a team of petitioners are a regular sight by the spot, as they fight to save it. Click here for more travel photos Continue reading Street art on the Southbank: Part Three

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A guide to Berlin’s street art

One of the most distinguishing features of Berlin is its street art. It’s everywhere. Like literally everywhere. Walking around Berlin is like walking around an outside gallery. You’re wondering around, if you’re anything like me then you’re probably lost, and suddenly- BAM- there it is. Continue reading “A guide to Berlin’s street art”