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For those nights in your hostel. I cannot guarantee any of these will actually be on Netflix. Other on-demand, video streaming services are available.

The Breakfast Club | London Vauxhall One Summer Screen

At the beginning of July, I met up with a friend I met last year whilst working in Dusseldorf. She was spending a month in London, coincidentally actually living around the corner from my house- London is a small world- and voiced a desire to go to an open air cinema during her stay. I’ve been meaning to go to one for ages too, ever since I discovered the awesome Freiluftkino in Berlin. So when I saw a Facebook event for one not far away from us, Vauxhall to be precise, I thought it was the perfect place for us to go.

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For Your Netflix: Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love is a film that I’ve been meaning watch for a while. It sounded rather travel-ly so I thought it was probably going to be my kind of thing. As my flatmate and I were flicking through Netflix for a film, we flicked past Eat, Pray, Love. It only had one star but we’d heard better reviews so gave it a whirl. We were wrong. The one star review was there for a reason.

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Nutshell Music & Comedy Reviews: Latitude Music Festival 19/07/2013

Latitude describes itself as “more than just a music festival” and that pretty much hits the nail on the head. It has a diverse range of performances, ranging from music to comedians to literary speakers, meaning that there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. I particularly enjoyed the comedy but there was also some good music. It was very sunny, had a very chilled atmosphere and there were some all round good performances. You also cannot beat festival food, with stalls dishing out cuisines from all over the world.

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