London Fitness: Spinning

Back in the days before I actually owned a studio membership and developed a class addiction, I used to go to the gym weekly (or at least I went through phases where I went weekly) and use the equipment on offer. That inevitably involved a bike because that something I could figure out how to use without hurting myself. However, when it comes to exercise classes, in the past I have shied away from spin classes. They’re hard the first few I did I didn’t enjoy as much as other classes, however I have slowly started to come round to it. Plus, one thing all my spin classes have had in common is that they are a very good workout.

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London Fitness: Barre & Ballet

Last summer, I went to my first ever ballet performance and I loved it. It made me wish I’d stuck with those ballet lessons I’d started taking when I was about six. Now, sadly, I feel my chance to become a ballerina has passed. The word “graceful” really isn’t one that many/anyone would really associate with me and I’m not sure that’s something I can ever change. Likewise the word coordinated. Plus I like Domino’s too much to ever be in that kind of shape. But I figured I do have it in me to at least try barre – a kind of ballet-inspired aerobics workout. That’s probably the closest I can get. Continue reading “London Fitness: Barre & Ballet”

London Fitness: Boxing and Martial Arts

What and Where?

Glove Up

Thai Boxing

Before I signed up to Class Pass, The Flatmate told me about the Thai Boxing class she went to at Glove Up in Wandsworth. There are so many different classes part of Class Pass that it can be hard to find time to fit them all in but this was one that she made time to go back to. I figured that on that recommendation it was worth tagging along with her. It wasn’t long for me to see the appeal – now I always max out my monthly Class Pass studio allowance. Continue reading “London Fitness: Boxing and Martial Arts”

London Fitness: Hot Yoga


Before I actually started doing exercise on a regular basis, I wondered who in their right minds would want to do hot yoga. It sounded horrendous. Exercise in a boiling hot and humid room (typically using infra-red heat and 40% humidity, from what I can tell), making you sweat prolifically. But when I finally decided to try and get fit by signing up to Class Pass, for some reason hot yoga was the first class I booked onto. It was probably The Flatmate’s idea.  Continue reading “London Fitness: Hot Yoga”

London Fitness: Aerial Fitness


The idea of aerial classes was pretty much the thing that persuaded me to join Class Pass in the first place. I’d seen pictures of people doing balancing movements on silks whilst flicking through Instagram and it looked amazing. Sure, such feats will probably be outside of my realm of capabilities but could always try. Continue reading “London Fitness: Aerial Fitness”

Rudimental | O2 Arena | London Greenwich

The other week, The Flatmate turned to me and asked what I was doing the upcoming Thursday. I answered not much but I did have a powerplates class booked in. She told me I’d be joining her in a box at the O2 to see Rudimental. I nodded and agreed. I’d do as I was told.  Continue reading “Rudimental | O2 Arena | London Greenwich”

London Fitness: Trampoline Rebounding

A little while before Christmas, I booked myself into a trampoline rebounding class with a friend. I had no idea what that would involve, I pictured a room completely and utterly covered in big trampolines that I could bounce across but I figured that probably wouldn’t be it – and it wasn’t.

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