Berlin Vol 1.7: parks, dinosaurs and cheesy music

August 2013

My trip to Berlin was drawing to a close and my final week started with the arrival of a couple more guests. When my flatmate and I first moved into our flat, the owners told us about a ‘hipster’ market by the river on Saturdays. This was our last Saturday in the city so it was now or never, so off we went to Hipster Mart. The stalls were full of fabrics, jewellery and other bits and pieces but, in the end, we saved our money and didn’t buy anything.  Continue reading “Berlin Vol 1.7: parks, dinosaurs and cheesy music”


Berlin Vol 1.6: open air cinema, abandoned places and floating pools

August 2013

For the past three years, I’d been living with my Berlin flatmate at university and another of our little uni family decided to come and visit us for a few days during our month in the city. Continue reading “Berlin Vol 1.6: open air cinema, abandoned places and floating pools”

Berlin Vol 1.5: tours, food and family

August 2013

Happily, the day after my visit to Kater Holzig was the day that the sun returned to Berlin. My friend and I had been holding out for a sunny day to go to the lakes so, after we glanced out the window and saw that it was a lovely day, we dashed across Berlin to Krumme Lanke. Continue reading “Berlin Vol 1.5: tours, food and family”

Berlin Vol 1.4: karaoke, museums and clubbing

August 2013

After my return from Prague, I discovered what would become one of my favourite activities in Berlin: bearpit karaoke in Mauerpark. Now I should probably point out that, as far as I was concerned, this was simply an observing activity and not one of involvement.

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Prague Part Two: architecture, castles and superclubs

9-10 August 2013

In the last part of the story, the Berlin Buddy and I had finally made it to Hostel Orange and were about to embark on a free walking tour. The tour was due to start at 2pm at the astronomical clock so off we went in the direction of a clock we spotted close by which was clearly surrounded by tour guides. Continue reading “Prague Part Two: architecture, castles and superclubs”

Prague Part One: beware of the clocks

9 August 2013

During my month in Berlin, my housemate and I decided to make the most of the city’s well connected train network and head out of town. So, one weekend, we hauled ourselves out of bed at 5am to embark on a trip to Prague. We had managed to get a deal on the tickets but that meant we had no choice but to be up super early. We just about made it to the platform on time but when we got there the sign didn’t have our train listed on it. It turned out the boards in the station had displayed the wrong platform number. Thankfully, we weren’t the only person to notice and someone asked a passing member of staff who pointed us to a train which was just pulling into the opposite platform. We ran over and hopped on.

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Berlin Vol 1.3: beer festival, museums and back to school

August 2013

Picking up from where I left off, my friend and I had moved into our Kreuzberg flat for the summer and it soon felt like I’d always lived there. We had planned to have a nice celebratory dinner at a restaurant in our new neighbourhood but we discovered that it was the last day of the Berlin Beer Festival so we decided to head there instead. After all, we couldn’t go to Germany and not attend a beer festival when it was right on our doorstep. Even if I was not a massive beer fan, it had to be done.

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