Getting lost abroad: four places I’ve lost my way and found it again

A wise man- J. R. R. Tolkien, to be precise- once said, “not all those who wander are lost.” He had a point, however sometimes those who wander are just plain lost.

Getting lost is not always a bad thing. If you fall off the beaten track, you might get to see the real city, find places which you never thought you’d see or stumbled across hidden gems. Yes, it can be a nightmare, I’ve had horror film scenes flashing through my mind and you can lose valuable time if you’re in a city for a limited amount of time but I’ve found that it usually turns out for the best. At the end of the day, you’ll probably at least get a decent story out of it.  Continue reading “Getting lost abroad: four places I’ve lost my way and found it again”


City Guide: Prague, Czech Republic

This post is part of my series of city guides, designed to give you a bit of an introduction into the city in question: activities, accommodation, transport, restaurants, food and nightlife. It’ll also basically act as a contents page for everything I’ve ever written about the place. With this is mind, I have updated my initial ‘a guide to Prague on a shoestring’ article to fit with the series.

During August 2013, I was staying in Berlin, a mere five hour train ride from Prague. On discovering Berlin’s fantastic train links, my travel buddy and I decided we had to take advantage of them and so, one weekend, off we went for a whirlwind trip to the Czech Republic. Although we were only there for two days, and while you could surely spend longer in Prague, I think our stay was pretty perfect for travellers on a budget/tight schedule.

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A guide to Berlin’s street art

One of the most distinguishing features of Berlin is its street art. It’s everywhere. Like literally everywhere. Walking around Berlin is like walking around an outside gallery. You’re wondering around, if you’re anything like me then you’re probably lost, and suddenly- BAM- there it is. Continue reading “A guide to Berlin’s street art”

A guide to Berlin’s nightlife

Berlin has a renowned nightlife- mostly revolving around techno-based music. During my month’s stay, I probably didn’t experience as much as I should have but here are the places I did discover: Continue reading “A guide to Berlin’s nightlife”

Berlin Vol 1.7: parks, dinosaurs and the discovery of cheesy music

My trip to Berlin was drawing to a close and our final week started with the arrival of a couple of guests. When we first moved into our flat, the owners told us about a hipster market by the river on Saturdays. This was our last Saturday in the city so it was now or never, so off we went to Hipster Mart. Continue reading “Berlin Vol 1.7: parks, dinosaurs and the discovery of cheesy music”

Berlin Vol 1.6: open air cinemas, abandoned places, floating pools and kebabs

For the past three years, I’d been living with my Berlin flatmate at university and another of our little uni family decided to come and visit us. Continue reading “Berlin Vol 1.6: open air cinemas, abandoned places, floating pools and kebabs”

Berlin Vol 1.5: tours, food and family

The last part of my story ended with a visit to Kater Holzig.

Happily, the next day marked the return of the sun. We had been holding out for a sunny day to go to the lakes- a typically German exercise- so after we glanced out the window and saw that it was a lovely day we dashed across Berlin to Krumme Lanke. Continue reading “Berlin Vol 1.5: tours, food and family”