Eight green spaces to find in London

I have spent the majority of my life living in the Kent countryside – basically in the middle of a field. I’m pretty sure there were more sheep than people. It was very picturesque – sprawling green fields, lambs jumping around in the spring and ducklings hatching in my back garden – but I prefer the hustle and bustle of a city, and London could not be more hustley and bustley if it tried. It’s a pretty stressful city and, although I love living here, I do miss Kent more than I thought I would. Happily, there is a huge variety of things to do in London – many of which provide the greenery and the peace I have been missing.  Continue reading “Eight green spaces to find in London”


Casa Spa | Traditional Hammam | London Edgware Road

Saturday was a very exciting day for me; I was going to go on my first every trip to a spa. For my birthday, The Flatmate promised to take the two of us. She’d got a Red Letter Day voucher that she could use as well, so between the two we figured we could have a nice little outing. We just never got round to organising it. Then Christmas started to approach. We figured instead of buying each other presents, we’d put the money towards our spa day. That way, we could afford something even better. Continue reading “Casa Spa | Traditional Hammam | London Edgware Road”

Kingston Fireworks 2015 | Kingsmeadow Fitness and Athletics Stadium

This year I had my first fireworks night in London. I didn’t really know what events were going on or where but fireworks night cannot go uncelebrated so I needed to find myself some place to go. I had plans on Bonfire Night itself – Thursday 5th November – and The Flatmate was away on the Saturday night when many celebrations in London seemed to be happening. Thankfully, there were still some events going on on Friday and, although none seemed to particularly close to Streatham Hill, I managed to find one not too far away in Kingston.  Continue reading “Kingston Fireworks 2015 | Kingsmeadow Fitness and Athletics Stadium”