Four days in Edinburgh

Sunday 28th – Wednesday 31st January 2018

When I first started work, I mourned the loss of my 3-month student summer when I had all the time in the world to travel. 25 days – with 2 weeks being the most I could likely take off at one time, if that – didn’t sound like nearly enough. But, as it turns out, if anything, I’ve found it hard to find the time to use it up. As my work’s holiday deadline approached, I booked 5 days off so I wouldn’t lose my holiday days. I had no idea what to do with it but I needed a break. As it was after Christmas, and not a time when anyone else could take annual leave, I looked into a solo trip to Iceland. It would be hideously expensive but I’ve always wanted to go. Then I started chatting to my parents but doing something with them. My Mum does not like flying which ruled Iceland out but we were able to find a closer place that we all wanted to go to: Edinburgh. I’d been to Scotland once before, to the RAF base at Lossiemouth, but apart from seeing the local beach (which was very nice) I didn’t really get to see much of the country, so this felt like my first real visit.  Continue reading “Four days in Edinburgh”


Streatham Food Festival 2017

24 June 2017

I’ve lived in Streatham Hill for over two years now but, with the exception of the train station, I can probably count the amount of times that I have been into actual Streatham on my fingers. And it would be debatable as to whether I would need more than one hand. I usually end up in Brixton and Clapham instead. But whenever I do go into the town I always spot places that I mean to go back to. So when my friend suggested going to Streatham Food Festival this weekend I was game. If there are two things in this world that I love then it’s food and convenience – and this would tick both boxes. I’m not sure how this festival has managed to escape my notice for the past two years. Continue reading “Streatham Food Festival 2017”

My London Adventures: an evening of cheese and beer

14 December 2016

I’ve had many adventures since I moved to London. On Wednesday night, I had one of the best so far. I had an evening of cheese. After work, I met a friend and walked for about a half hour from Holborn to Borough Market – by London Bridge tube station. We were going for the “Evening Of Cheese” event that was being thrown there that night. Continue reading “My London Adventures: an evening of cheese and beer”

London Fitness: Spinning

Back in the days before I actually owned a studio membership and developed a class addiction, I used to go to the gym weekly (or at least I went through phases where I went weekly) and use the equipment on offer. That inevitably involved a bike because that something I could figure out how to use without hurting myself. However, when it comes to exercise classes, in the past I have shied away from spin classes. They’re hard the first few I did I didn’t enjoy as much as other classes, however I have slowly started to come round to it. Plus, one thing all my spin classes have had in common is that they are a very good workout.

A spin bike differs from a normal exercise bike but, being no expert, I don’t really know how. All I know is that there is a weighted flywheel on the front and using a spin bike makes the indoor experience more like riding a normal bike outside. It’s easier to stand up on them and classes are designed to replicate cycling out on the road. They will generally involve a series of sprints alternated with slower rounds using increasingly heavy resistance. Sometimes you’ll stand up, sometimes you’ll sit down and sometimes you’ll lean your lower body back and hover above the seat.
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Three places to find currywurst in London

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while (i.e. before I moved to London and 99.9% of my posts became about the city I now call home), you’ll know that I have a lot of love for Berlin. You might say that I am a little bit obsessed. I love the abandoned places turned into something new, the street art, the bars, the museums and, very importantly, the food. In particular, the currywurst: a bratwurst sausage covered in curry sauce. Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Last summer, I figured I’d have a go at recreating one of my favourite travel dishes at home. I made two attempts, neither of which bring back particularly fond memories. The first time I put in too much Worcestershire sauce and ended up adding in stock to try and mellow out the flavour. The result was a long lingering taste that I couldn’t get rid of and which tasted nothing like currywurst. The second time, I tried to add in spices in stages so that I could continually taste test the sauce to see how it was doing. Somehow, I went from having enough spices in there to having too much and in the end my experiment ended up in the bin. I have since realised that the best way to have currywurst at home is to just buy a bottle of Heinz Curry Sauce (maybe mixed with a little bit of Ketchup) and just dunk your sausages in that. But the best way to have currywurst is to eat out. Because currywurst may be a German delicacy but it’s not exclusively found in Germany. You can find it in London too. So I never need to try and make it myself again.

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Where to get your freakshake on in London

Several months ago now, I was perusing Facebook when I came across the most beautiful picture. It was some milkshakes, piled high with whipped cream, brownies, marshmallows… you name it, it was on there. The photo made my belly ache. When I saw the small print – that they were being made by a place in Australia – my heart basically broke. I seriously debated hopping on a plane to the other side of the world simply for a taste, but I managed to restrain myself. After all, if I did somehow manage to scrape together the money for a ticket, I wouldn’t be left with enough to actually buy the milkshake. Finally, a few weeks later, I spotted the news I’d been waiting for. The freakshake craze had made it across the pond to London. Now my mission is clear: test out as many freakshakes as humanly possible. So far I have only made it to three but I will keep you updated as and when I inevitably find more.

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14 of London’s sweet treats

I don’t think it will come as a surprise to anyone for me to say that I have a bit of a sweet tooth – much like the majority of people. I love me the sugar. I mean, I equally love the savoury stuff too. I just basically want all of the food. Thankfully, in London, that is not a problem: there are plenty of options for both. In particular, there is an infinite amount of bakeries and cafes that serve up every sweet treat you could dream of – from cupcakes and cookies to macarons and giant milkshakes. (If you are looking for something more of the coffee and cake variety then check out this post as well)!
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