Four days in Oslo

22 – 25 May 2015

Day One: Friday

After I finished work – at around 5.30pm – on the Friday before the May Bank Holiday weekend, I arrived at the Heathrow Terminal 2, ahead of my 7.30pm flight to Oslo. The Flatmate met me there and we spent the time before boarding grabbing some dinner (meatballs from Leon) and stocking up on bags of sweets for the flight (Wine Gums and Starburst to be precise).

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6 European countries where you can find a really great stew

As far as I’m concerned, you just cannot beat a good stew. Not only can it taste insanely good, if done right, but it’s filling and comforting. All in all, it’s basically the perfect meal. Thankfully, many countries seem to agree with that conclusion so when I’m out and about in a new place, looking for traditional eats, I can always justify a stew. Continue reading “6 European countries where you can find a really great stew”

Eight things to do in Oslo

A few days before the first May Bank Holiday, I had the horrible realisation that I don’t really have any more annual leave from work until the end of September. That means: no summer holiday. It was too late to plan anything for that three day weekend but there was still time to organise something for May Bank Holiday number two. My flatmate agreed to come with me and we had one criteria- it had to be someone neither of us had been to. It also had to work money-wise and flight-wise, by which I mean it had to be cheap and the flight times had to be after work on Friday night and back Monday afternoon.

A bit of research later and my flatmate found the cheapest flight deal was to Oslo. I’d never really considered going to Norway before but the flight times were also perfect and the deal came with three nights in a hotel. We booked immediately. Then we remembered one key thing- Norway is expensive. Very expensive. However, as I was set to discover, it was totally worth it.

It also didn’t have to be quite so expensive. An Oslo Pass lasts for 24 hours (£28), 48 hours (£41) or 72 hours (£51) and gets the holder free entry into around 30 museums, free public transport, discounts in restaurants and more. This means that you can make the most of being in the city without it costing the earth.  Continue reading “Eight things to do in Oslo”

Four museums to visit in Oslo

One of the best things about Oslo is the sheer range of museums on offer. The Oslo Pass is a great way of seeing the city on the budget. It lasts for 24 hours (£28), 48 hours (£41) or 72 hours (£51) and that includes getting the holder free public transport, discounts in restaurants and free entry into around 30 museums. These museums cover a lot of different areas, meaning that there is something for everyone and, if you are ready to spend hours on end wandering between, and around, museums after museum after museum, there is a lot to learn about in Oslo.

During my weekend in the city over the last May Bank Holiday weekend, I picked out just four of the museums to visit in the space of a day and a half. Although I am sure that there was plenty I missed, I think I picked the right four.  Continue reading “Four museums to visit in Oslo”

Four food experiences to have in Oslo

Sampling the local cuisine is something that’s always pretty high on my to do list. You never know what kind of tasty gems you are going to discover. I had absolutely no idea what Norwegian food was going to consist of but I have to say I was happily surprised. I don’t think I had one bad meal and some of them were simply marvellous. This is what I learnt:  Continue reading “Four food experiences to have in Oslo”

Sosialen Bar & Bistro @ Oslo, Norway

Considering the long to-do list my flatmate and I had for our Bank Holiday weekend trip to Oslo, I was not really in the mood for a big night out during my stay. My feet hurt from much walking, everything was on the expensive side and, perhaps most importantly, my hotel room had a free wifi connection and Norwegian Netflix is better than UK Neflix. Having said that, we couldn’t spend an entire weekend in a new city without checking out at least a little of the nightlife. Continue reading “Sosialen Bar & Bistro @ Oslo, Norway”