Athens Street Art

As an ancient history nut, Athens has been on my bucket list for many, many years. I imagined exploring all the ancient sites but I never really gave much thought as to what the modern day city of Athens would be like. As my taxi from the airport drove me through the streets, I noticed that the lower half of all the buildings was covered in graffiti, a product – I would assume – of the demonstrations that had been taking place due to financial problems the country has been suffering. Then as the car turned a corner into the area of Psirri, where I would be staying, the graffiti changed from scrawls to street art. Some really impressive street art. And it wasn’t just in this area. As I explored the streets of Athens, I stumbled across not only an array of majestic archeological sites but some more recent artistic masterpieces as well.
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Athens Part Five: an ancient cemetery and McDonald’s

16 November 2015

All too soon, it was our last morning in Athens. We let ourselves have a bit of a lie in this morning and so stayed in bed until about 9.30pm, although typically I woke up earlier, as I only ever do when I have the chance to get some extra rest. Breakfast at City Circus runs till 10.30am, so at 10am we made our way downstairs and stocked up on food. I basically had one of everything – toast and cheese, a boiled egg and some thick Greek yoghurt, fruit and honey. Continue reading “Athens Part Five: an ancient cemetery and McDonald’s”

Athens Part Four: even more ancient stuff

15 November 2015

When we were originally planning our visit to Athens, my friends and I had decided to take up our hostel, City Circus, on one of their day trips outside the city. In particular, we wanted to do the one to Delphi. The price wasn’t too bad and I desperately wanted to see as many ancient sites as possible. Then we realised that Delphi is a three hour drive from the city and we weren’t sure how much time we’d actually get in Delphi itself. It would be cheaper to do it ourselves and we’d also be able to work to our own timeframe but, the more we thought about it, the more we figured we should just stay in Athens. We were only there for a few days after all and there was so much still to see that we would almost certainly run out of time to see everything we wanted to if we spent a day elsewhere.

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Athens Part Three: a day in the ancient world

14 November 2015

On our second day in Athens, I finally got to do what I had really come to Athens to do – visit the Acropolis. It was set to be another hot day but I just hadn’t packed for it, which was stupid really. I had looked up the weather before I left and saw that it was going to be between 20-25°C but I figured that was just nice and warm. That wasn’t hot hot, so jeans and a top would probably be the necessary attire, right? Er, wrong. Obviously that’s wrong. I live in England. Anything approaching 20°C is beach weather. Still, I pulled on my ankle boots and black jeans to go to the Acropolis.

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Athens Part Two: a lot of sightseeing and the Acropolis Museum

13 November 2015

Our alarm went off a few minutes after I finally seemed to have drifted off, after lying awake for basically the entire night. Unusually, or at least it is in my experience of hostels, we got a complimentary breakfast included in our room at City Circus. We came down to the common room to find a few people already sitting around the main table. There were a few options on offer: bread, cheese, jams, boiled eggs, fruit, honey and the thickest Greek yoghurt I have ever seen. There were also cubes of a traditional Greek dessert which I didn’t quite take to.  Continue reading “Athens Part Two: a lot of sightseeing and the Acropolis Museum”

Athens Part One: Arriving in Greece

12 November 2015

Athens has been a dream destination of mine for quite a while. I’ve had a love of ancient Greece since I was a kid and my Dad used to read Greek myths to me and my brothers before bed. I even ended up studying Classical Civilisation at university but I never actually made it to Athens. I did try and make it destination for a family holiday in my multiple occasion but my Dad always said he didn’t like the place. It was too noisy and busy for him. However, I am now happy to inform you that I have finally made it. Continue reading “Athens Part One: Arriving in Greece”

Nine beautiful cities in Europe

I have to admit that I am pretty lucky to live in Europe, the continent has so many interesting and beautiful cities that are just a stone’s throw away from good old Blighty. Even if you do live a bit further out, however, there are many places that are worth the trip.
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