Before you start to worry, don’t panic, there is a reason I have a page called pants (apart from the fact that it made you click on it)!

Before I left on my Great Big Gap Year Adventure, my workmates gave me a leaving present: some Topman boxers (thanks guys).

The idea was that I had to get a picture of them in every country I visited.

This is a page dedicated to their journey: this is their story.

Their journey started off in Heathrow airport. Nervous, yet exhilarated, the pants anxiously waited in the terminal, with bated breath, for the announcement that it was time to board their plane.

It was a squashed and uncomfortable ride but several hours later, they touched down in California. The pants had a fantastic time, visiting Hollywood, camping and driving a Toyota truck down the Big Sur. They especially enjoyed hitting the beach in the Californian sun and building sandcastles.

All too soon, it was time to leave for New Zealand. The pants sadly bid farewell to their new American friends but were excited to embark on the second leg of their journey. They threw themselves into backpacker activities, including extreme sports and hiking to LOTR’s Mount Doom. However, people started to stare and the pants’ travel buddy started telling people they were there for a bet. The pants started to get a little embarrassed.

In Australia, the boxers took in some culture, visiting the Opera House, but they decided the best thing to do was to say hello to some of the local, Australian wildlife.

The next stop was South East Asia. In Malaysia, they felt that they deserved some time to relax so they treated themselves to some shopping and alternative, fish-related therapies.

In Vietnam, the pants spent most of their time wandering around and investigating Saigon city, but they also took some time to visit the Mekong River and some temples- but they had to be sneaky.

The final stop on the journey was Hong Kong, which was very different to the cities they had visited so far. They decided in order to really appreciate it, they needed to get a better view and so took a tram to The Peak, where they could look down on the whole city.

Since their tour ended, the pants have not stopped. They have been to the villages of Laos and the beaches of Spain.

When will they return? Nobody knows. But one thing is for sure: their journey is not over yet.


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