Berlin Vol 4.1: flight delays and tasty kebabs

25th November 2016

My fifth trip to Berlin started the same as many other trips do with budget airlines: delayed. There I was, sitting at Stansted, having stocked up on magazines and meatballs from Leon, expecting my gate to imminently appear on the departure boards, only to find that the estimated departure time for my 7.30pm flight had been changed to 8.30pm. Obviously no explanations were given until I was finally on the plane where I heard a muffled announcement from the pilot saying something about how the plane had already made a lot of journeys that day. I guess it was tired or something.

Anyway, I shouldn’t moan because, one way or another, I made it to Berlin. I whizzed off the plane, onto one of the buses waiting to transfer us to the terminal and then hurried to make sure I was one of the first through passport control. I wanted to get into Berlin as soon as possible. Soon enough I was hiking as quickly as possible through the freezing cold air to the station at Schonefeld airport. At least it was a Friday when trains run throughout the night.

The queues for the ticket machines weren’t too bad but no one seemed to be able to use them. I thought I was doing my good deed for the day when I offered a guy some change for a ticket as the machines didn’t seem to be accepting cards. It was only when I was sitting on the S Bahn that I realised I don’t think I gave him enough money. I guess he felt too awkward to point that out to me. Well done Ellis. Still, it’s the thought that counts.


It took me about an hour, two S Bahn trains and one U Bahn before I arrived at my destination in Wilmersdorf (only 8 hours after I started my journey from central London).

Since I was always going to be arriving in Berlin quite late, I only ever had one plan for the night: getting a kebab from at Max and Mortiz. I would have been so much more annoyed about my delay if they hadn’t still been open but thankfully Google informed me that they were open and serving kebabs until 5am.


I arrived at Blissestrasse Station and was met by my Dad who had flown to Berlin the day before. We then went for what is now becoming our traditional late night dinner of doner kebabs and beer (I mean, we’ve done it a whole two times now). I’ve had many kebabs in my time but I really do love the ones at Max and Moritz – they’re delicious and served up basically looking like a trophy. It’s a kebab of champions.

Fed and watered, it was getting on for 2am so, since we had a busy Christmas-market-filled day lined up, we both went straight to bed.


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