London Fitness: Trampoline Rebounding

A little while before Christmas, I booked myself into a trampoline rebounding class with a friend. I had no idea what that would involve, I pictured a room completely and utterly covered in big trampolines that I could bounce across but I figured that probably wouldn’t be it – and it wasn’t.

My trampoline rebounding experience started out with some confusion. My Class Pass app told me that the class, held by London Live Fitness and Slice Live, was both near Tottenham Court Road and Barbican – which are two really quite different places. If I went to the wrong one, I wouldn’t have enough time to make it to the next. After a quick look at the London Live Fitness website, I managed to figure out that Barbican was the place I needed to be. Then a follow up email from the studio both confirmed the location and freaked me out at the same time.

The email said that the studio was quite hard to find and gave some directions – but they did not save me. I started by using Citymapper to get a route from Barbican station to the class, held in the Golden Lane Community Centre but that didn’t help. In fact it kept telling me that I was walking in different directions. Instead I checked Google Maps, which gave me a totally different route altogether. I managed to get to Golden Lane but the community centre was not in sight. I spotted signs for the sports centre and the recreation centre but the community centre not so much.

Time was ticking and, as I ran around Golden Lane, the start time of my class was getting closer and closer. I flicked through my emails until I found the one with the studio’s phone number. I spoke to a very nice lady on the phone but I was getting rather flustered and I didn’t have a clue where I was or what direction I needed to be in. I think I probably sounded a tad hysterical. She did point out that I had followed the directions that had been emailed to me wrong. Apparently the community centre was not actually on Golden Lane itself. It was on the estate. The problem was that the email said I needed to go under a yellow tower block but this was late and everything was dark. I couldn’t decipher the colour yellow with no light. I tried calling my friend but she was equally lost.

Finally, from the main road, I spotted a tower block with a pathway underneath. It could have been yellow so I ran toward it and then saw something that could be a community centre at the other end of it. I ran inside and caught a glimpse of a class getting ready to start as I hurled myself into the rather small toilets so that I could change. The cubicles were both taken so I had to change by the sinks until one freed up. I just about had enough time to pull on my leggings and top and send a message to my friend before the class started.

It was only when I was in the hall that I realised my top was on inside out and I had a huge white label hanging off my side. I had no time to sort that out.

Each individual had their own little trampoline and for the next 45 minutes we proceeded to bounce constantly along to some music, doing various routines and movements. Not long after we started, my friend ran into the class. We had both made it.

The majority of the class was aerobics – like a relatively simple and repetitive dance routine. I say simple, it did still make me very aware of how uncoordinated I am. Towards the end, we started doing a few movements using weights before we did some stretches to cool down, still using the trampoline.

Although I did miss some of the moves due to sheer uncoordinated-ness and I never find weights easy due to my complete lack of muscle, I was happy to find that I could handle bouncing for basically 45 minutes straight. I don’t think it was the best workout I have had since I joined Class Pass but it was something different. I have another friend who wants to try it and I’ll be happy to join. Particularly because I know where it is now – it turns out it’s actually not that hard to find.


One thought on “London Fitness: Trampoline Rebounding

  1. Happy New Year Ellis! 🙂 I’ve always wanted to try trampoline rebounding. I hate getting lost when I have an appointment or something booked.


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