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Getting fit for travel #18: THE END

30 May – 6 June 2015

As the week of my run loomed, the panic started to set in. My flatmate and I planned to run after work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a final run on Saturday morning. Obviously, that didn’t happen but we did manage a whole two runs (my flatmate made it to three whilst I was out enjoying my Friday night). 

On Monday, we did two 12 minute runs, reaching nearly 4km, with a bit of a sit-down-on-a-bench break in between. Running with another person is a whole other ball game: you have different fitness levels and need to slow down and speed up in different places. We didn’t keep in step for the entire run but we weren’t far off so that seemed to be a good sign for the weekend.

UK London Tooting Bec Common

On Tuesday, we made it out again. This time we made it to a full 22 minute run and 3.3km. We were both slightly nervous about being so far off 5km but then I had managed 5km the other week so figured it would just come flooding back on the day.

I did plan to make it for another run during the week (honest) but that just didn’t happen (big shock). I opted to sleep in until I actually had to get for work in the mornings and to see friends in the evening. Those two runs would have to be it…

Food wise there is not much to report, again. I ate a lot of picnic food this week including the majority of a pack of Boursin cheese with some Ritz crackers. I had a lovely dinner of Greek food in Covent Garden but the highlight was actually my own cooking! Even if I do say so myself. Well, I can’t take all the credit, Jamie Oliver made have played a helping hand. I made the chicken from his Thai chicken laksa (without the laksa) to go with the Korean fried rice. I wasn’t that fussed about the rice I have to say (I blame me, not Jamie, I had the wrong type of rice) but the chicken was amazing. Stay tuned for the recipe.

AND THAT’S IT. THAT IS THE END OF MY FITNESS JOURNAL. I have to say, I feel like I should be ending this with a bit more of a bang. It’s been months and I haven’t got into a regular running routine, I don’t wake up early to do yoga, I haven’t been eating that healthily (although I have been learning to cook) and I certainly have not learnt German. So what have I done (apart from said learning to cook thing)? Well, I have managed to run further than down the road in order to catch the bus- a whole 5km in fact, which may not sound far but was basically my own marathon. I have bought a yoga matt (well, my flatmate bought it for me but I am almost entirely sure I paid her back) and I am now the proud owner of some actual sportswear.

For someone who used to always twist her ankles when she ran (I know only do that about half the time) and who would only run when she was chasing her brother for some reason that was obviously his own fault making it to 5km is an achievement. My Couch 2 5K interval training app really did me proud and I would recommend it to anyone loath to move off the sofa.


I’d say that I can’t promise to keep this exercise thing up because there is not really anything to keep up but I can say that I will try. Summer is heading this way and with Tooting Bec Common round the corner, there shouldn’t be a shortage of opportunities. I’d love to one day do a half marathon (the full marathon stands no chance) and to actually even have one whole ab but, in the interest of more attainable current goals, perhaps a 10km should be my next step. If someway down the line you see the return of my “Getting fit to travel” updates then you’ll know I’m on the move (literally) once again.


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