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Getting fit for travel #17

4 May-29 May 2015

You may have thought that the radio silence on my fitness updates has been due to the fact that I have not been doing any exercise and therefore have nothing to report. Oh how wrong you’d be. I’ve been for THREE WHOLE RUNS.

About a week after my last update, my flatmate and I headed out on a sunny evening after work for our second joint run. Last time we ran 10 minutes to pick up a cheesecake. This time we doubled that and we didn’t even have the cheesecake motivation to keep us going. I was pretty impressed with that- we managed a whole 3.1km around Tooting Bec Common. I have to admit, I am an awful exercise buddy. The thing is, if I can convince you to stop working out, then I feel less bad about doing so. You therefore need a decent amount of willpower to withstand my moaning. Thankfully, my flatmate knows me well. After 20 minutes, we called it a day. It was a beautiful evening, we were exhausted and we wanted to crash on the grass- so that is what we did.

Later that week, on a Saturday morning no less (it takes a lot to get me running at the weekend, unless I’m about to miss a bus or I’m really keen to get my hands on a kebab), I ventured out alone. I started to realise my 5km run was less than a month a way and I had been pretty lax about training. I decided I had to run further and longer than I had before and so decided to run around Tooting Bec Common until I reached 4km. I’ve now officially moved out of the interval stages of Couch 2 5k and on that particular occasion I was down to do a 25 minute run for 2.5 miles which is basically 4km. I must admit, it took me slightly longer but I did it and, since I didn’t feel like I was about to pass out, I kept on going… AND MADE IT TO MY FIRST EVER 5K!


A very wise blogger told me she’d found that if you can manage 3km then on the day of the run, due to the pumping adrenaline, you should be able to reach 5km. Now this occasion wasn’t the run itself but I did have fear-related adrenaline from realising how imminent it was and apparently it worked. I’ve found that after about 7-10 minutes, I hit the wall. There’s a lurking stitch, my legs are heavy and I just want to take a nap. If I can burst through that wall however, or at the very least hop over it, I can motivate myself to just keep going. Obviously that only works up to a point. If I tried to do 10km right now the wall would reappear and laugh in my face.

Anyway, back to my very impressive 5km- Couch 2 5K aims to get you making the distance in just over 30 minutes (well the last day says 3 miles in 30 minutes which according to my unit converter is just under 5km) and I managed it in 32.22 minutes. Considering the fact I had jumped from Level 7 Day 1 to Level 8 Day 3, I was pretty chuffed.

Unfortunately, my shining achievement, far from motivating me to keep up the pace, just made me feel too comfortable and I didn’t make it out again for a while- 11 days to be precise! Finally that day came on Wednesday and out I went, this time only managing 3.7km. In my defence this time I was running on my lunch break so was on a tighter timeframe. Also, it had been a while since I had done anything resembling exercise and I had work to do so didn’t really have time to pass out in the park. Then there was the fact that I got a little bit carried away listening to my music and when Sia’s Elastic Heart came on I had this overwhelming urge to throw my arms up in the air, pretend I had crossed a finish line and start cheering (I don’t know why either, apparently exercise makes me go a bit delirious). Anyway, the only way I could overcome said weird urge was by doing some semi-sprinting. This completely wore me out for the remaining 15 minutes or so of my run. Good job, Ellis, you fool.

Running isn’t the only exercise I’ve managed in the past few weeks. On three/four occasions, I’ve done yoga from the comfort of my very own living room. Since we got Apple TV, I’ve been able get YouTube straight to my TV. My flatmate has introduced me to Yoga With Adriene and we’ve been cracking out our new yoga matts without having to leave the house or parting with any money whatsoever. The tutorials I’ve done so far haven’t been too taxing- they’ve been just taxing enough. There have certainly been a few moments where I’ve struggled and I’ve have to use one of our chairs for balance and I’ve bumped into the lampshade a few times but other than that it’s all worked pretty well. I think I may be onto something here.


Food-wise things have been much the same as ever. I eat too much pizza and pasta but generally have salads for lunch and granola, fruit, yoghurt and honey for breakfast. I’ve also started putting feta cheese and poached eggs with basically everything. My culinary creativity seems to have taken a backseat for now (although spaghetti carbonara has now become part of my repertoire) but I do plan to start expanding my range soon. I did make a great spaghetti bolognese the other week. I know I’ve made it before but, even if I do say so myself, this was my best yet. I also repeated my curry-from-scratch success which I first managed a month or so ago, so even though I may not be moving forward, at least I am not backtracking!



  1. Wooo! Way to go Ellis! Great to hear that you successfully ran your first 5k! You are totally right about the wall, I have one as well, I think we all do. Also thanks for the link to my blog πŸ™‚ Also thank you for introducing me to Yoga with Adriene! I have been looking for a way to practice yoga more often but it can be hella expensive and the classes never fit into my schedule well. I cannot wait to try out some of her videos. Keep up the hard work! You’re gonna rock that run!


    • Thank you!! I think the wall is inevitable, just hopefully I start to hit it later and later!
      That’s the thing, exercise classes are hard when you’re living on a budget and they can be inconvenient time-wise so it’s so easy to justify not doing them but YouTube videos means you have no excuse (although I still seem to be able to find one) πŸ˜›
      Thank you so much for all the motivation!!

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  2. Super nice story! I also need motivation or discipline to go on! Way to go! By the way, the spaghetti looks really nice.


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