Sosialen Bar & Bistro @ Oslo, Norway

Considering the long to-do list my flatmate and I had for our Bank Holiday weekend trip to Oslo, I was not really in the mood for a big night out during my stay. My feet hurt from much walking, everything was on the expensive side and, perhaps most importantly, my hotel room had a free wifi connection and Norwegian Netflix is better than UK Neflix. Having said that, we couldn’t spend an entire weekend in a new city without checking out at least a little of the nightlife.

After dinner on Saturday night, my flatmate and I wandered the city, looking for somewhere to stop for a drink. The thing is, we just could not see anywhere. Most places seemed to be restaurants and the odd bar we spotted looked pretty empty. Either we were out very early (this was 9.30-10pm-ish) or partying was just not Oslo’s thing. Finally we turned back to a place we had seen earlier called Sosialen. We’d seen a few people going in and there was an actual bouncer on the door so it looked like as good a bet as any. It turned out to be a good choice.

We probably stayed at Sosialen until a bit before 11.30pm. By this time the trickle of people coming in had turned into a semi-steady stream-ish. That may not sound particularly encouraging but the five or so barmen implied that they expected to get busier as the night went on. Alcohol is really not cheap in Norway but the cocktails at the bar were a bit over £9 which is pretty standard by London prices so it wasn’t totally out of the blue. We treated ourselves to a couple – one whole one more than I had planned as they were really good. The Passion Flower consisted of gin, passionfruit and some other mixture. The Red Havana was rum, raspberry puree and Chambord liqueur. The latter was the best but they were both excellent choices.

The atmosphere of the bar was also pretty good, even before it started to get busier. The lights were dimmed, the staff were friendly and the walls were decorated with doors and windows. These may not have been the most useful doors and windows but they looked pretty good. If I ever make it back to Oslo, I may well try to dedicate a whole night there to see how things pan out.


6 thoughts on “Sosialen Bar & Bistro @ Oslo, Norway

    1. I was there for about 2.5 days and I could certainly have filled another day or so but don’t think I would have needed much more! I did pack in a lot so I don’t feel I missed too much. I would happily go back though, it was an awesome city!


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