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Getting fit for travel #16

27 April – 3 May 2015

You may recall that last week, I actually made it out for a run. Well, this week I made it out for three. THREE!

On Monday, both my flatmate and I were working from home and so we went on our first ever joint run. She agreed to join in on my Couch 2 5K app and we settled on Level 6 Day 2: two 10-minute runs with a three minute walk in between.

We tried to settle on a route and realised that there was a productive way that we could go. Back in the day, our standard meet-ups consisted of Chinese food and Waitrose’s lemon cheesecake. We hadn’t had one of those nights in a while and so had one planned for that night. We had easy access to Chinese takeaways however we needed to find a Waitrose. Helpfully, we discovered that there was a big one in Balham, a mere 28 minute walk away, so that became our destination- we were going to run for cheesecake.

Together with our warm-up/cool-down walks, our run should have lasted just over 30 minutes, so our plan was to run to Waitrose, perhaps do a couple of laps around the block to make up the time and cut out the cool-down walk, pick up some cheesecake and catch the bus back. Unfortunately, it did not going to plan and we reached Waitrose after our first 10 minute run. It was also too tempting for us to have the motivation to do those couple of laps round the block. Instead, we went straight for the cheesecake. We decided we had enough time left on our lunch break not to get the bus but, to wanting to smoosh the cheesecake on the way back, we power walked (/walked slightly faster than normal) on the way back.

Our run lasted about 1.5km and, together with our power walk, we managed to reach about 3.3km, so we didn’t do that bad.

On Wednesday, however, I did manage the whole thing: both 10-minute runs. I also managed to actually find my way to Tooting Bec Common this time. It was a beautiful day and the blossom trees were out in full force. If you ignored the trains, I could have been back in the Kent countryside. Another difference was the fact that there were actual people out and about, including a joggers and a guy singing on a bench. Although, I was wearing big headphones, so I think he was singing but he could also have been yelling at me.

As I came to the end of my run, my unfitness was starting to show. I messaged my flatmate to inform her of this, considering the fact our 5km is imminent, and she offered to come pick we up with a wheelbarrow. It was a generous offer but thankfully I did make it home in the end and chalked up 3.4km.

Finally, on Thursday, I made it out for run number three. And, despite my unfitness, I managed to get up to Level 6 Day 3- a 22-minute run. In order to make it round without fainting, I did have to take it very slow. I got overtaken a lot and didn’t make it as far round Tooting Bec Common as I had the day before, although I was close. I was still pretty happy though. Running a whole 3.2km was a personal best, I think, and left me optimistic that I may be able to actually the whole of my 5km, if I keep my training up.


On the food-side, I have not been nearly good this week. In fact, I think I have cooked twice and either eaten out or got takeaway every other night, due to various socialising commitments. My weekly budget may have been a bit very blown but, hey, you gotta treat yourself sometimes.



  1. Ellis! Great job on being active this week! Every little bit counts! I ran my first ever 5k yesterday and I feel that you and I are in a similar place in terms of fitness level and training. The adrenaline kicking in is a very very real thing. Check out my post from today for a full recap. End of story, you have a month of training left and I am confident that you will be great!

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    • Thank you and thanks for all the motivational comments! Congrats on running your first 5k, I really enjoyed reading your post!


  2. PeculiarPorter says

    I use the same app! I’m almost done with it. Never thought I’d finish it


    • I thought the same thing! Running has always been the thing I’ve found hardest as I get tired so quickly but the app is great at building up stamina. Well done on nearly finishing it!

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  3. Maira says

    I love this!! I’m new to WordPress and it would mean a lot if someone checked out my photos! Thanks:)


  4. I’d say the hardest thing while traveling and staying fit is the food. So many nice places to try and eat at, you could run all day and maybe cannot kill them calories!

    Good job on the running!


    • Thank you!

      That is definitely true! I always manage to justify gorging on food when I’m away- I reason that you need a lot of energy when you’re walking around so much but you’re right, that still doesn’t burn off all those delicious calories!


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