For Your Netflix: Eat, Pray, Love

Eat, Pray, Love is a film that I’ve been meaning watch for a while. It sounded rather travel-ly so I thought it was probably going to be my kind of thing. As my flatmate and I were flicking through Netflix for a film, we flicked past Eat, Pray, Love. It only had one star but we’d heard better reviews so gave it a whirl. We were wrong. The one star review was there for a reason.

I was not really impressed by the plot line and Julia Roberts’ character was a tad on the pathetic side, (I’M SORRY I VERY MUCH DISLIKE SAYING MEAN THINGS BUT THERE ARE NO OTHER WORDS). Also, Roberts spends half the film being told she needs a man but she brushes it off until the end, when it turns out that- shockingly- she actually does. Having said that, she does get the rest of her shit together as well so it’s kinda okay. 

Often the actions of a film’s male love interest can be construed as a bit creepy out of context, but in the film they generally seem romantic. In this case, it was more just on the creepy side, (AGAIN I AM VERY SORRY JAVIER).

On the plus side, Roberts’ travels to Italy, India and Bali have made me desperately crave an adventure somewhere and I am now planning to book a city break for the Spring Bank Holiday asap. So, if you are going to watch the film, then your wallet should beware.

Also, if you are going to watch the movie, then may I just suggest one thing: make sure you are eating or have easy access to a lot of food. Roberts’ trip to Italy is basically just close ups of her eating the local cuisine and it looks tasty. “Eat” is the first word in the title for a reason. Thankfully, I was munching my way through a Chinese takeaway at the time so I had any hunger pangs covered. I still suffered from serious food envy though.


10 thoughts on “For Your Netflix: Eat, Pray, Love

  1. I actually loved this movie! It’s one that I rewatch probably once each year. However, I can understand why you might not like it so much. I think I focused on the travel aspect of the movie more than anything else, which might be why I love it so much.


  2. The book wasn’t very good either. I hate how they make a big deal out of not needing a guy and then give the main character a guy. In my opinion it would have been vastly improved if the author hadn’t wrote in a guy for her. However when I was done with the book, I had to have some pasta and gelato. Food envy for sure!


    1. Oh dear, I’ve never read the book and probably won’t then! I thought the same thing about writing in a guy for her- it seemed a weird note to end it on given the fact they do make a big deal out of her not needing one. It is great for travel and food ideas though!!


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