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Getting fit for travel #15

6-26 April 2015

Recently, I have had a horrible realisation. My 5km is in just over a month and yet I have never actually ran 5km. Unfortunately, that realisation has not had much on an effect of my motivation. It has been an incredibly busy few weeks and exercise has been the cost. The thing is, as much as I like the idea of getting fit and perhaps one day even having actual visible abs, I just like Domino’s and Netflix more: I’M SORRY IT’S JUST WHO I AM, DON’T TRY AND CHANGE ME! (annd breathe…) To be honest, I’m willing to compromise- I’d be willing to have both; pizza and abs.

With that in mind, this week, I finally managed to get out for a run again. My flatmate had asked me to join her earlier in the week for a post-work run but I was just not feeling it and decided to cook some butternut squash and chorizo risotto instead. I once again repeated Couch 2 5k Level 6 Day 1, knowing that I would be out of my depth with any more than a five-minute run, an eight-minute run and a five-minute run with two three-minute walks in between. I can’t lie, it was tough, particularly as, true to form, I had forgotten to do any warm-up. However, I made it to the end with only a couple of stops for traffic lights and a picture of some pretty blossom.

I had intended to run the route I had discovered on my last run many moons ago, down to Tooting Bec Common. However, unsurprisingly, I got lost and never made it. All I had to do was run in a straight line but that just seemed to easy and I took a turn where a turn was not needed. Instead I ended up on the route I had originally taken in London, down to Balham and back again. All in all, I made it to 3.3km, according to Strava, plus my two five-minute warm up/cool down walks at either end. I am optimistic that I may actually be able to manage a 5km run in the end, but it may be tight and it will be slow.

The food side of things have been much the same as always, relatively healthy but with some cake, chocolate and crisps thrown in at regular intervals, but my creativity in coming up with meal ideas does seem to have been stemmed. I cooked a spaghetti bolognese from scratch the other day which was pretty darn good but I plan to mix things up soon.



  1. Not to worry Ellis! My 5k is on Sunday :S and I also have not yet run a full 5k. But my more experience running friends have assured me that being able to run 3k means that you can for sure also run 5k. A huge part of an actual race day is the adrenaline. The best advice I’ve been given so far is not to start off too fast or you will burn out before the end. Slow and steady is the best way to win your personal race.


    • Oh that helps, thanks Alex! It does make sense that adrenaline kicks in on the day. I have found the same, I always end up with a stitch quite quickly when I try and start off too fast. Most important thing is to finish, speed is just a bonus! Good luck with your race on Sunday!!

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