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Getting fit for travel #13

2-22 March 2015

You may have a noticed that I haven’t posted a fitness update in a while. In fact, I haven’t been posting much at all! Over the past few weeks I have been sorting my move to London and, last Saturday (the 14th), I finally made it. Spending my lunch breaks going running had been substituted for spending my lunch breaks making phone calls and sending emails.

In the week of 2nd March, I did manage a couple of runs. I decided to redo Level 6 Day 1 of my Couch to 5K app again (a five-minute jog, an eight-minute jog and then another five minute jog with two three-minute walks in between) as I wasn’t quite feeling ready for the next one but I did manage Level 6 Day 2 that week- two 10-minute runs with a three minute walk in between. Even though I had managed a 20-minute run the week before, that level was still quite tough. According to the app, each 10-minute run should equal one mile. I’d forgotten (again) to download an app to track my distance but even without it I think I can say that I didn’t quite manage a mile each time. I was taking things pretty slowly! That was the last time I actually did exercise. It was also my last run in the Kent countryside.

Food-wise, I haven’t been doing too badly since I moved to London. I’m not known for my cooking skills but that is something that I am hoping to work on. My flatmate and I have pretty much been taking it in turns to do the cooking but my nights have ended up being enchiladas and fajitas- tasty but not the healthiest (although they could be worse) and they haven’t really given me the chance to expand my cooking repertoire. I did make some spaghetti and meatballs but it only occurred to me that I could make the sauce myself as I was pouring tomato and basil sauce out of a jar.


I did try to jazz up a pesto pasta lunch with some red pepper, olives and feta cheese but it just wasn’t as good as pesto pasta with grated cheddar. My jazzing up of my standard salad of falafel, pickled chilli, cucumber, tomato, red pepper and lettuce with some sour cream, feta cheese and green olives however was far more successful.

My housemate has cooked chicken curry, chilli and bolognese- she’s winning. We did kinda make a stir fry together that involved adding some honey, cinnamon and chilli powder but I have to give her most of the credit for that one. We’ve decided that at least once a week, we’re going to try and cook a meal together from scratch. This week it was a variation of my mum’s beef bourguignon- a variation because we didn’t have all of the stuff she uses- but it still worked pretty well. We threw in some cabbage and leek and made some sweet potato mash to go with it. Not bad for our first week.


Brixton Market


My flatmate is the friend that I am going to do my 5km run with so we are going to try and get a bit healthier in the next week. Yesterday, we decided to go and explore Brixton market, which is only a short bus ride away. There we found loads of stall and shops selling fresh fruit and vegetables, meat and fish. We ended up doing our weekly shop there for about £25, and for that we got a lot of food that will probably last us longer than a week- see the featured picture at the top of this post and add in two salmon fillets, two lamb chops, 1kg of beef mince and 1kg of chicken fillets. This was proof that you don’t need a big budget to eat healthy.



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