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Getting fit for travel #10

9-15 February 2015

This week I can actually post a fitness update because I actually did fitness! My Couch 2 5k interval training app recommends three runs a week but had been somewhat abandoned and I hadn’t run since the beginning(ish) of January. This week, however, I managed all three ! I started back on day 1 of level 5 which meant three five-minute runs with two three-minute walking breaks in between. I did actually manage it but the next day I decided to do it again, instead of going onto day 2, which involved two eight-minutes with a five-minute walking break in between. The day before hadn’t exactly been a breeze and I was a bit achey after all that exercise. It turned out to be a good decision as I got a stitch pretty quickly and so was happy to take a break. 


On day three, I walked out the front door only to realise that it was spitting with rain. Usually that is enough to put me right off (any excuse after all) but on this occasion I was determined not to lose my probably fleeting motivation and so went in the hope that it would desist. It didn’t. I had chosen a route that was partially under the cover of trees, just in case the rain kept on coming, but this made almost no difference and I was soon soaking. I had chosen to once again to do level 5 day 1, in light of yesterday’s stitch, but ended up skipping the majority of the walking so that I could get home quicker. This might have meant four minutes less exercise but on the other hand managed three five-minute runs with only two one-minute walks in between is definitely an improvement of my stamina so I think that makes it okay!

As I was doing my final run, in the rain, I noticed a car slow down beside me. I looked around to see my mother cruising along beside me on her way home. She stuck her head out the window, smiling, and asked if I wanted a lift. Hilarious. I really did want one. But, I politely declined and watched sadly as she drove on home, ahead of me. I have no idea where all this new motivation is coming from. I would have thought that I would have taken her up on that offer.

Houses and nachos on Galentine's Day with @emmarosebourne 👭 #happynachoday

Unfortunately, my diet this past week has not been as good as my exercise-count. Take the weekend for example, in two days I consumed a burger, pizza, eclairs, chocolate, biscuits, a massive plate of pulled pork nachos (totally worth the calories) and a doner kebab with chips. In the week, however, both my falafel salad (I managed to stretch my mix to 19 instead of 16 this time) and my egg, mayo (half fat, of course), pesto and lemon juice sandwich popped out- so, y’know it wasn’t all bad. Just mostly.



  1. This made me smile. I live in Bosnia right now and I have been trying sooo hard to get back in shape after holidays (two months) full of Bosnian delicacies and grease laden dishes. I remember doing the C25K when I first started running, I loved it!! I just started training for the first ever Banja Luka Half Marathon… and if I can get my diet under control.. life will be wonderful! I’m super interested in this falafel salad! Yummm.


    • I’m glad this made you smile and that you found C25K good as well! Even if I do say so myself, the falafel salad is pretty good- I make it using falafel, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red peppers, pickled chillis, garlic and herb sauce and french dressing.

      It sounds like you had a pretty good holiday- I’ve never tried Bosnian food but maybe I need to! A half marathon is pretty impressive- if I manage 5km then I’ll be thrilled!!


      • I could barely run the 60 seconds of the couch to 5k program when I started… so don’t worry! You’ve got this!!!
        Bosnian food is… pretty bland and greasy. It’s okay, but… boring. Don’t tell them I told you that, though. =)


  2. Loved your post! I find that when I’m feeling motivated enough to run despite the rain, I feel like a total bad-ass when I’m done, even if it’s only for ten minutes. 😉 Falafel salad sounds yummy. I’ll have to remember that idea…


    • Thank you, I’m so glad you liked it! That’s very true- I’m definitely particularly proud of myself when I’ve braved the rain 😛
      I have to say, the falafel salad is pretty good! I make it using falafel, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red peppers, pickled chillis, garlic and herb sauce and french dressing.

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