My London Bucket List

You may noticed this week that my posts have centred around London. That is because not only have I been studying and working in and around the city for the past year and a half but because as I make the decision to move into the city itself from my hometown nearby in Kent, I am going to have to make peace with the fact that I’m not going to be able to travel for a while. All of my money will be going on living costs instead. Thankfully, since London is a pretty touristy destination, I can still post about it on my blog.

Earlier this week I posted about embarking on a challenge to visit as many of Tom Jones’ London recommendations in his book “Tired of London, Tired of Life: One thing a day to do in London”, which I got from Christmas. It seems I’ve checked of 10 items already so that’s 355 to go. Considering my lack of monies, I’ll admit now that I won’t be able to do them all. Besides, there’s other stuff I would like to do as well. So this is my London Bucket List- with the stuff I would actually really like to do. Chances are I won’t even be able to get through all of these but fingers crossed I’ll at least make a decent dent.

London according to Tom Jones:

#1. Climb to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral

#2. Visit Middle Temple

#3. Drink in a bar made of Swedish ice

#4. Contemplate in the Tibetan Peace Garden


#5: Shelter in the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern

photo 5

#6. Meet the animals at the Clore Rainforest Lookout (London Zoo)

#7. Visit the floating cafe at Little Venice


#8. Sit beside the Roman London Wall


#9. Go to the top of Westminster Cathedral tower

#10. Visit the Holland Park Kyoto Garden

#11. Meet the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum

#12. Walk among the ruins of Lesnes Abbey

#13. Visit Europe’s first Thai Temple- Buddhapadipa Temple


#14. Drink in a Victorian Gin Palace- the Princess Louise

#15. Meet the Crystal Palace Sphinxes

#16. Play with toys at Hamleys

#17. See the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London

#18. See the Berlin Wall

#19. Eat at Fatboy’s Diner

#20. Seek out Aphrodite


#21. Watch the sunrise on Primrose Hill

#22. Watch a show at the Regent’s Park Open Air Theatre

#23. Relax at the London Peace Pagoda

#24. Take a tour of Eltham Palace

#25. Visit the largest Hindu temple outside India- BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

#26. Browse the Southbank Centre Book Market


#27. Visit the Japanese Garden at Peckham Rye Park

#28. Visit the Twinings Tea Shop

#29. Drink wine at Gordon’s Wine Bar

#30. Buy French literature at Au Fil Des Mots

#31. See London’s Roman Amphitheatre

#32. See the ‘Unlucky Mummy’ at the British Museum

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 22.50.39

#33. Seek out Severndroog Castle

#34. Tour the Palace of the Bishops of London

#35. Eat at the Hummingbird Bakery


#36. Wander in Westminster Hall

#37. Go climbing at the Castle Climbing Centre

#38. Browse at Hatchards, Britain’s oldest bookshop

#39. See the lights on Oxford Street

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 22.50.30

#40. Explore the V&A Cast Courts


#41. See the London Stone


#42. Drink wine at Gordon’s Wine Bar

#43. Learn to ski at Sandown Ski Centre

London according to me

#44. Spot the pelicans in St. James’ Park

#45. Explore the Victoria and Albert Museum

#46. Explore the Science Museum

#47. Dine at the Cereal Killer cafe in Shoreditch

#48. Try and spot the Queen at Buckingham Palace

#49. Travel through history at Hampton Court


#50. Hunt down some street art in Shoreditch

#51. Wander along the Southbank and eat Mexican street food


#52. Venture in the London Dungeons

#53. See the city from the London Eye

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 22.50.48

#54. Dance the night away at Fabric

#55. Sip a cocktail under the train tracks at Waterloo at the Archduke bar


#56. Go to Harry Potter World

#57. Dance the night away at the Ministry of Sound

#58. Have afternoon tea at the Ritz

#59. Sit by the fountains on Trafalgar Square

#60. Shop in a German Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park


#61. Have brunch at the Breakfast Club

#62. Find the real Platform 9 3/4 at King’s Cross Station


#63. Explore the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery

#64. Explore Kew Palace

#65. Eat your way around Borough Market

#66. Eat cookies and watch street performers at Covent Garden

Screen shot 2015-02-10 at 22.25.09

#67. Explore Kensington Palace

#68. Sift through treasures at Portobello Market

#69. Sift through treasures at Old Spitalfields Market

#70. Eat Chinese food at Camden Market

#71. Explore the Banqueting House

#72. See London from above at the Shard

#73. Ride the Emirates Air Line cable cars

#74. Visit Kenwood House, at Hampstead Heath

#75. Visit Highgate Cemetery

#76. See the Elfin Oak at Kensington Gardens

#77. See a film at a outdoor cinema

#78. Watch jazz at Ronnie Scott’s

#79. Watch a play standing at the Globe Theatre

#80. Have coffee in a public toilet at The Attendant


#81. Wander along Brick Lane



24 thoughts on “My London Bucket List

  1. Exciting news about the move! It’s tough to sacrifice more frequent travel for higher living costs, but I don’t believe you’ll ever be bored in London 🙂 Can’t wait to read more about your adventures through the city.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed London! I enjoyed reading about your experiences! London has some great attractions and there are so many diverse places to explore, I hope you get to come back and see some more!


  2. Love this list! I see I’ve done some things that you haven’t but in the end you did more!:) I’ve started my blog two months ago and I write about my European trips and London trips too. So if you want you can check out my three London posts so far:))


    1. Io non sono mai stato in Inghilterra ma un giorno verrò nella Vostra magnifica capitale Londra.
      Amo viaggiare.
      Scusate ho studiato la lingua tedesca e non so scrivere la Vostra.
      Jimmy Semprini. Riccione, Italia.


  3. See your number 75 is Highgate Cemetery. Highly recommend it. And if you have time for the tour it is very well done. The place is partly abandoned jungle, partly historical fascination (Karl Marx is among the notables buried there) and partly an opportunity to get lost amid the thousands of intriguing markers and monuments.


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