EGOH has its 1st Birthday: My Trip Timeline

Today is the first birthday of Ellis Goes On Holiday! Since I didn’t do anything on my blog to celebrate actual New Year’s, I thought I’d use today to mark the beginning of the new year.

It’s been an great year for EGOH. I’ve experimented with a few blogs before and, combined, I must have had around 400 views and less than 100 followers. In the past year, EGOH has had nearly 25,000 hits and has gained over 5,800 followers on WordPress, 2,500 on Twitter and 210 on Bloglovin. Fingers crossed it will keep growing.

For New Years, I had planned to do a summary of my trips in 2014- and I will- but I realised I’ve never summed up my trips in other years. Since I don’t have time to do that for every year I’ve travelled (and you wouldn’t want to read that), I figured I’d do a trip timeline, which can also act as a kind of contents page for my posts.

Last year, I was studying a postgraduate course in London before starting work as a paralegal just outside of the city. With that in mind, I haven’t had the time to do any big trips- but that doesn’t mean I haven’t managed to hop on a plane every now and again.

In the past year, I’ve learnt the value of the weekend city breaks. For example, Berlin with my dad, Venice over the Easter Bank Holiday with my former housemate, Brussels with my oldest school friend and Dublin with some university buddies. If you’re prepared to spend several days on your feet, you can see a lot of a city without having to spend too much money on living costs and you don’t even need to take time off work. For my trips to Brussels and Dublin, I caught the train/plane after work Friday and came back on Sunday, thanks to Eurostar and Ryanair respectively.

Once in a job, it can be harder to take more than two weeks off at any one time and you can’t do that that often, but that doesn’t mean you can’t travel. My last summer holiday was to Luxor, in Egypt, for seven nights and it was easily one of the best holidays I’ve ever had. My friend and I explored ancient temples and tombs, relaxed in the sun and even flew to Cairo for a day to see the pyramids and explore the jam-packed Egyptian Museum. Sure, I probably could have used the amount I spent to spend an entire month in Thailand but it was worth it.

Work itself can produce opportunities to travel. During the summer, I spent two weeks on a placement in Dusseldorf and it was amazing. I met some fantastic people and experienced travelling solo for the first time. I may not have had the time to explore the city and surrounding area as much as I would have liked but since I loved my work that wasn’t too much of a problem.

So there it is, considering the fact I couldn’t go travelling, I haven’t done too badly in the past year and hopefully I’ll be able to continue.


Work Holiday: Athens, Greece (4 days)


Work Holiday: Oslo, Norway (3 days)

Oslofjord, Norway

Work Holiday: Dublin, Ireland (1.5 days)



University Holiday: Venice, Italy (3 days)


Family Holiday: Berlin, Germany (3 days)

University Holiday: Luxor, Egypt (1 week)

Work: Dusseldorf, Germany (2 weeks)

Work Holiday: Brussels, Belgium (1.5 days)



University Holiday: Berlin, Germany (1 month)

University Holiday: Prague, Czech Republic (2 days)



University Holiday: Paris, France (2 days)

Notre Dame

University Holiday: Marrakech, Morocco (1.5 weeks)



University Trip: Amsterdam, the Netherlands (2.5 days)

University Holiday: Torrevieja, Spain (1 week)
University Holiday: Vietnam, Laos and Thailand (3 weeks)

Halong Bay


Gap Year: America, New ZealandAustralia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong (3.5 months)



School Trip: Rome & Naples, Italy (5 days)

Family Holiday: Paxos, Greece (1 week)



Family Holiday: Dordogne, France (1 week)



Family Holiday: Berlin, Germany

School Trip: Honduras (2 weeks)


School Trip: Ypres & Bruges, Belgium


Family Holiday: Crete, Greece (1 week)


Family Holiday: Rome, Italy (1 week)
Family Holiday: Brittany, France (2 weeks)
School Trip: Aachen & Cologne, Germany (3 days)


School Trip: Dunkirk, France (1 day)
Family Holiday: Dordogne, France (2 weeks)


Family Holiday: Disneyland Paris, France
Family Holiday: Provence & Paris, France (2 weeks)

And before that…

Family Holiday: Normandy, France (1 week)
Family Holiday: Loire Valley, France (2 weeks)
Family Holiday: Brittany, France (2 weeks)
School Trip: Calais, France (1 day)
Family Trip: Calais, France (1 day)


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