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Getting fit for travel #8

4-17 January 2015

You may have noticed that I didn’t publish a fitness update last week- for 4-10 January- that’s because I had absolutely nothing to report. I did no fitness whatsoever and hadn’t done any since 23 December, i.e. sometime last year. My diet hadn’t really changed either; leftover Christmas chocolate and gingerbread were still on the menu.

Last week, I was working from home three days, so really I should have been able to manage three runs. Unsurprisingly, I managed one. The first day it was raining so I feel like that’s a legitimate excuse. The second day I did make it out. The third day I was in ‘the work zone’ so decided exercise wasn’t worth moving for.


The day I actually hit the road had been sunny all morning. I knew I should go while the sky was blue but I decided to leave it until the time I always designated for my lunch break. By that time, it had started to cloud over so I rushed out. It wasn’t long before the rain drops started to fall. I had decided to start level 5 again- the next stage was a 20 minute straight run, the one before that was two eight minute runs, which I had managed without as much pain as I had expected but much food had been ingested since that time. I ended up skipping about a couple of minutes off the first of my three minute walks in order to get home a bit quicker but I wasn’t up for doing that again. Thankfully the rain had subsided by then and I made it back hypothermia-free.


I thought that was where my exercise for the week would finish but that turned out not to be the case. I’ve said before that I’m trying to get fit so that I can manage a 5km during the summer with a friend (and be fit for some future, not yet decided upon, hiking trip). Since that decision, my friend has got the fitness bug in a way I don’t think I will ever be able to. This weekend, however, I was staying with her. Usually, when that happens, I have a lie-in while she goes to the gym (her gym is members only, so I actually cannot go with her) but this time she had thought around this and got me to join in with her home exercises- the Two-Week Ab Makeover Workout.

She was able to do more of each exercise than I was and we did skip a cuddle but after two workouts of  scissors crunch, ballerina abs, stir the pot, frog lift, side-plank cancan, rocking raise and cheerleader, my stomach muscles were in pain (in a good way). I don’t think I did each exercise completely right but my muscles were in shock- the most exercise they usually get is when I make them stretch in order to fit in a whole, large Domino’s pizza.

Talking of food, my diet hasn’t been particularly great. Falafel salad and porridge were back on my working day menu and meals out included curries, duck stew, beef stew, chocolate brownie dessert and fajitas. Many cake slices have also been ingested. I know 5 January was meant to be the start of my New Year’s Resolutions but I figured they can start in Feburary. Probably.


I have tried to branch out a little bit: I managed to make a pretty good dippy egg instead of frying one the other day. Between 6-7 minutes in boiling water left it a bit runny- although not enough for my liking- and I used Jamie Oliver’s tip of adding salt to the water and dipping the egg in and out of the pan in order to stop it cracking.


I also looked up some recipes of things to do with pesto, when I fancied some but wanted to steer clear of pasta. I found a suggestion of adding some mayonnaise and lemon juice to pesto to put with an egg salad. I figured I try something similar for a sandwich. I used roughly two small tablespoons of mayo (half-fat, of course), two teaspoons of pesto and the juice from a slice of lemon (which may have been a tad too much but I still liked it). I used a dippy egg again as I figured the yolk would taste good added to the mixture. I wasn’t wrong but it did make it harder to slice! All in all, it was a pretty tasty discovery, although probably not one I could eat on a daily basis.



  1. Ah! Ellis, Ellis, why are you encouraging me in my bad habits. I’ve just finished a 2 lb. box of Swiss chocolates – the last one from Christmas, but I have one more box of Belgian chocolate biscuits to get through. If I can only keep the wrapper on I may save a few more pounds on the hips, but ……………………
    Love the post, thanks for the laugh.


    • Haha sorry! Thanks very much for your comment! I always rationalise that if I eat all of my Christmas chocolates etc in one go then at least that gets rid of them for the future and I can start being healthy once they are gone 😛 I have to admit, I have already broken my new years resolution but I’m hoping to start them again in February!


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