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Getting fit for travel #5

6-12 December 2014

Unfortunately, this post, much like last week, is another admittance. I have done very little exercise in the past week. I invited friends to go for a swim but it was last minute and they were busy. Obviously, I was not able to motivate myself to go alone. Then I was working from home three days last week. The first day was grey and dreary and I barely considered going for a run. The second day was brighter and I actually made it out interval training and planned to do the same the next day. However, that morning my mum suggested going out for my lunch break so I did that and ate instead. When I got back, it was time to start working again.


At this time of year, the problem for me is the cold. Even on the day it was brighter, it was still windy and freezing. My leggings are only knee-length and it felt as if I was losing circulation in my lower legs and ankles as I ran. At least it made me look forward to the running parts of my interval training. I tried to take a route that had more trees, which could shelter me from the wind. It didn’t work quite as well as I would have liked and I ended up with numb legs and a boiling torso, underneath my hoodie. However, my route did mean I got to run by some sheep. They turned and ran in the opposite direction as I approached, apparently I looked rather scary.

As I ran, I noticed the distinct lack of foliage that was on the trees. Last time I went interval training, the trees were full of brown leaves. Apparently it has been longer than I thought since my last jog.



Over the past week, my breakfast have been pretty standard: toast, cereal and porridge. There was also a doughnut but that was a Saturday morning. My lunches have varied from my falafel and gherkin salad with onion and garlic dip to sandwiches, pasta, a panini and a chicken burger. Then there’s dinner: roast chicken, breaded fish, baked potato and one Domino’s pizza and another half. I haven’t snacked much but at the weekend I did snack enough for the entire week- I went to the cinema and ate the majority of a large sweet popcorn. And when I say large, I mean large. There may also have been a gingerbread man at some point.


I appreciate that this is a much shorter post than usual but that is literally all I have. I did think of putting this series on hiatus until the weather warms up, or at least until after Christmas, but I am actually optimistic that I’ll do better this week. Please enjoy the pretty pictures of the Kent countryside.



    • I don’t have any firm plans yet as I’m planning to move to London in the new year but I am still hoping to at least have a few weekend trips to Berlin, Paris and Dublin next year. I would love to go to Bali, it looks fantastic. I’m thinking of maybe doing a trip to Bali, Thailand and Cambodia at some point but I have no idea when!


  1. I’ve had a few lax days exercising and feel guilty about it! But i see it’s not just me feeling the business of the holidays! 🙂 Good luck!


  2. I think it is excellent that you are exercising to prepare for a trip, What happens with the regimen when you get there? I never feel like I have enough time.


    • In all honesty, I’m not entirely sure! I’m not exercising for any particular trip- just a hopeful future one! I’ve never really had time to exercise whilst travelling before- but then I guess activities like hiking do count as exercise and I have done that! I quite like the idea of a morning jog during a city stay in order to see the place when it’s quiet but I’ve haven’t ever got around to doing it!


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