Travel Photo: Pictures from Paxos, Greece

29 July – 17 August 2009

Paxos is a small Greek Island which I went to on a family holiday in 2009. Since there was no airport, we had to fly to Corfu and then take a ferry in order to get there. We spent most of our time relaxing by the pool at a villa, emerging for food, shopping and beach trips which sometimes involved snorkeling- I actually spotted a little octopus at one point. It seemed to be a popular destination for sailors and people would bring their giant yachts over to visit the island. I remember sitting at a seaside restaurant watching as a fleet of dinghies brought people on the boats to shore. Driving on the island was terrifying, as people swung their big cars along the little roads. Thankfully, we made it back in one piece. Although we did find some nice places, I’m not sure that I would go back.

ssl23841 DSC00215 DSC00213 DSC00197



8 thoughts on “Travel Photo: Pictures from Paxos, Greece

  1. I went to Greece this fall and some parts I agree. I went to Naxos instead of
    Paros – it’s smaller and more quiet. I would recommend it much more! Details are under the travel section of my blog . I was also pleasantly surprised by Crete!


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