Travel Photo: Pictures from Torrevieja, Spain

15 June 2011

I went to Spain for the first- and so far only- time with my soon-to-be housemates after my first year at university. Unfortunately, I didn’t keep a travel diary but I can share some snaps.The closest big town was Torrevieja. We ventured there once for a night out that ultimately failed but the town was still busy and we did find a fair and a market and each ice cream on the sea front so ultimately I can’t complain.

Please forgive the blurriness, these are all I have and my phone camera was not up to night photography.


4 thoughts on “Travel Photo: Pictures from Torrevieja, Spain

  1. Spain is the most wonderful country on the planet. I travelled there for the first time in 2010 and fell completely in love! I feel at home in Spain which is odd considering I’ve no Spanish in me…(although I actually think I might!) Gracias 🙂


      1. La Sagrada Familia is stunning – you must see it one day! I recommend visiting San Sebastian in the north, Granada, Sevilla and Cadiz in the south…oh and Tarifa which is at Spain’s southern most point. And definitely Madrid! It is without a doubt my favourite city in Europe!


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