Luxor Part Five: feluccas on the Nile, bananas and results day

28 July 2014

Since my holiday buddy and I went off to Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple and Luxor Museum the day before, that made today a pool day. We bumped into the group of guys whose card game we had crashed a couple of days ago and spent the day chatting with them.

Banana Island

That day was the day I was due to get my results for my postgraduate course. I wasn’t sure whether I should wait until I got home to find out how I’d done- if I was bad news it could ruin my trip. I thought that I wouldn’t have to tell anyone , even my holiday buddy, but there was no way I could do that. I also have the problem of anything that crosses my mind coming out my mouth- so I told everyone I befriended. As we all sat in the pool, everyone kept encouraging me to go and check if they had been released. They hadn’t. When I took some time to come back, my holiday buddy came to check on me- in case I was huddled in a ball in the corner of the room or something.

Banana Island

Finally, mid-afternoon- I received an email to say they were online. The problem was that we were on our way out to meet the local guys that we had made friends with. That had taken good care of us so we were going to take them on a felucca ride up the Nile to Banana Island. The boat driver was one of their friends and the five of us spent over a hour (I think) making slow progress up the river. At one point we had to have a tow from a motor boat, that is the problem with using a sail boat- a lack of wind. We had left our hotel for the centre of town where we hopped on the sail boat and it turned out that Banana Island sat opposite the hotel- our starting point.

Banana Island

As we cruised on the river, we tried to keep in the shade provided on the boat but it was hard. In the end, my foot practically went purple but I realised I could throw my legs over the side and dip my feet in the water to keep cool. The boys kept cool by drinking water from the river. The Nile certainly was a lot cleaner than I had anticipated but I still thought that if my friend and I tried that it would not end well.

Banana Island

It really was a great trip: it was peaceful and calm- the perfect distraction from my impending results. Finally we reached Banana Island, where we found a few animals in small cages- including a crocodile that had been found in a different part of the river. The rest of our trip involved wandering around the banana trees, munching on dates and collecting fruit. We then all sat and had drinks and bananas at a cafe on the river, as the sun went down. It was beautiful.

Feluccas on the Nile

Since we were heading in the same direction as the current, the ride back was much quicker and we were soon back at the hotel. It was time to check my results. It was good news! We celebrated by getting some spaghetti bolognese delivered to our room by room service- we know how to party- before meeting the boys from our hotel at the bar for cocktails and cards. We hadn’t planned on having a late one as we had organised a day trip to Cairo the next day and it was going to be an early starting but, all things considered, it wasn’t surprising that that didn’t happen.

Read about the rest of my trip:


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