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The Versatile Award Returns

The lovely Aanchal from Corners of the World and Michael from Misadventures with Michael have nominated me for my second and third Versatile Blogger Award- thanks guys! Aanchal and Michael both blog about travel and I would definitely recommend you hop on over and check out their stuff.

Update 1 February ’15: I’ve been nominated for my fourth Versatile Blogger Award! A big thank you to Ashish and Charu from Untraveled Routes, it’s always amazing to hear that people are enjoying my blog. You should certainly check out their wonderful travel blog!

Another update: I’ve been nominated for my fifth Versatile Blogger Award!! So many thanks to Erika from Scones in the Sky! Make sure you check out her beautiful food and travel blog.

20140705-124254-45774311 The rules are simple: thank the blogger who nominated you, come up with seven facts about yourself and then make your own nominations.


1. I live in rural Kent, England, but I am a city girl at heart so hopefully I will be leaving the field I call home in the not too distance future for a small box in London.

2. I couldn’t possibly say what my favourite movie is but one of them is definitely Pretty Woman. I know that’s not much of a curveball but I do practically watch it on repeat.

3. I am currently trying to learn German. I bought a copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone when I was in Berlin last year and it’s a pretty good way of learning. I basically know the story word for word so I can generally make out what is going on.

4. The most recent development in my life is the discovery of jogging. Well, I do interval training which involves more walking than running but it totally counts. It also means I have time to take pictures of fields to Instagram on my by.

5. I have an obsession with The Tudors- both the history and the TV show. In fact, a few weekends ago I completely nerd-ed out and spent two whole days watching the series and exploring Hampton Court and Hever Castle.

6. My favourite animal is a koala and that is pretty much the reason I went to Australia a few years back. The highlight of my trip was definitely getting a cuddle from one.

7. A burger is not a burger without a gherkin. That’s not a fact about me, it’s just a fact.

Now it’s your turn


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