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The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

I’ve been nominated for The Dragon’s Loyalty Award by the lovely Alice @ A Life Moment– thank you so much! Alice is a food blogger and I would certainly recommend that you check out her delicious recipes!

Dragon Loyalty Award

This award is given to loyal readers, who regularly visit your blog, like posts and leave comments. In a nutshell, I have to thank the blogger who nominated me and then  tell you all some facts about myself:


  1. The first place I went abroad was Normandy, France, when I was about seven. I went with my family to watch the eclipse that was happening that year. The main thing I remember was that my bedroom had an unhealthy amount of spiders in it.
  2. The last place I visited was Brussels. I went on a Friday night after work and came back Sunday, ready to be back in the office again the following week. It was a whirlwind trip but it was brilliant- I do love a good city break and I didn’t even need to take time off from work!
  3. In the absence of a good cocktail, gin & tonic is my drink of choice. Some kind person once told me that it was a drink for sad people. I disagree, for me it has created oodles of happiness.
  4. My idea of a good Saturday night usually involves a onesie and a massive helping of Chinese food.
  5. I spent ages in Venice trying to spot the house from Casino Royale that collapses only into the Grand Canal, only to learn that it doesn’t actually look the way it does in the film.
  6. I have an atlas on my wall that I bought at university and which is colour coded depending on my travels. A red sticker means that I’ve been there and a yellow sticker means that it is on my bucket list. I still haven’t got round to changing Egypt from yellow to red but then I plan on going back anyway.
  7. Last year I delved into the depths of historical fiction and have not surfaced since. I’m currently making my way through the mammoth that is Margaret George’s Memoirs of Cleopatra. It’s good entertainment, I feel like I learn something about history- although much is fiction- and it takes me away to somewhere more exotic during my morning commute.

Now it’s your turn

I am immensely grateful to everyone who reads my blog, likes my posts and leaves me comments. So, if you’re reading this now, thank you! I’m only sorry I can’t personally thank you all!

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