Condé Nast Traveller Luxury Travel Fair @ London Olympia

Today I went to my first travel show, the Condé Nast Traveller Luxury Travel Fair at London’s Olympia. I spent a few hours peeking at the stands, mainly hosted by travel agencies, which did nothing to help my ongoing wanderlust. The melt-in-your-mouth chocolate brownie and glass of champagne were definite highlights, as was my magazine subscription deal which came complete with a deliciously-scented Molton Brown body lotion and a Land’s End bag that will be perfect for many a beach trip. Sadly, I couldn’t exactly book any holidays, but I did enter the odd competition for one so here’s hoping…

A talk with Simon Reeve

IMG_6899 IMG_6900 IMG_6901


6 thoughts on “Condé Nast Traveller Luxury Travel Fair @ London Olympia

  1. Oh man, I went to the World Travel Market in London last week…definitely made my credit cards hurt. Are you travelling anywhere soon?


    1. Sadly my travels are on hold at the moment as I’m hoping to move to London in the not too distant future! Somehow I still managed to upset my credit cards at the travel fair though! Are you off anywhere soon?

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      1. haha, yes I am the opposite, actually. Moving away from the UK back to the US after a little over a year living in Edinburgh. Stopping over in Iceland on my way as it was more economical doing it that way! Plus I want to see the Northern Lights. Going on 11 December. OH, also I’m going up to Isle of Skye next week. Super pumped. Hoping it won’t be too cold, though. Where are you from originally?


      2. That sounds great- I have never been to Edinburgh or Iceland and I’d really love to see the Northern Lights and go to the Fringe Festival! Whereabouts in the US are you moving back to? Hope you have a good trip back! I can imagine it may be a bit chilly! I’m originally from Kent, so pretty close to London but can’t wait to actually make it into the city!


  2. Well I’m originally from South Carolina, but I’ll be spending Dec-Feb in Montana and then March in the Carolinas. April/May I’m thinking of doing a road trip and then heading to Colombia South America for a few months! Very excited 🙂 And you should definitely come up to Edinburgh sometime. It’s such a lovely city. The Fringe is nice, but it rains for most of August. I’d actually suggest September as it’s nice and quiet after everyone leaves from the festivals and seems to be a much dryer, warmer month than August!


    1. That all sounds fantastic! I’ve only been to California but would really love to explore the US more. South America is also on my bucket list!
      Thanks for the tip for Edinburgh, I can imagine that it would be a bit cheaper to visit after the Fringe as well!


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