The Modern Toilet Restaurant @ Hong Kong

When my friend told me about the toilet-themed restaurant in Hong Kong, I decided this was something I needed to see for myself- if only just for the photo opportunities. As we sat down, it was pretty easy to tell that we were in the right place:  there were pipes, urinals and decorative toilet seats on the walls, the tables were sinks with a glass top and we sat on toilets. Part of the restaurant was also  designed to look like a shower room. The food was served in miniature loos and basins and, I have to say, it didn’t taste great- but what the food lacked in taste, the restaurant made up for in sheer novelty-value. Although, they seemed to have run out of quite a bit of food. We had unlimited cake and ice cream but sadly the only flavours of ice cream were taro (a kind of purple potato thing), coffee (which I didn’t like at the time but, since my time at university, necessity has made me a coffee-fan) and sesame. We didn’t really order much dessert.


13 thoughts on “The Modern Toilet Restaurant @ Hong Kong

  1. I wish I had known about this place when I visited HK in february! I love novelty restaurants. I suppose it gives me yet another excuse to visit again!!!


    1. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed by that as well but it was worth going just for the pictures. There must have been an actual bathroom there somewhere but I don’t think I saw it!


  2. Never been to HK but I’ve heard about this toilet-themed restaurant before. My imagination’s so vivid that I can’t imagine actually eating here, maybe to accompany someone and have photos taken too, yes. 🙂 Nice blog by the way! 🙂


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