The Modern Toilet Restaurant | Hong Kong

When my friend told me about a toilet-themed restaurant in Hong Kong, I decided this was something I needed to see for myself. She did warn me that the food wasn’t great but that seemed to be a minor detail in comparison to the probable photo opportunities I would get. 

The food was served in miniature loos and basins and, I must admit, my friend was right – it didn’t taste great. Plus the restaurant seemed to have run out of quite a bit of food. We had the option of unlimited cake and ice cream but sadly the only flavours of ice cream left were taro (a kind of purple potato thing), coffee (which I didn’t like at the time as this was before university turned me into a coffee convert by necessity) and sesame. We didn’t really order much dessert.

However, what the food lacked in taste and flavours, the restaurant made up for in sheer novelty factor. There were pipes, urinals and decorative toilet seats on the walls, the tables were sinks with a glass top and we sat on toilets. As if that wasn’t enough, part of the restaurant was even designed to look like a shower room. It was undeniably a one-off experience and I’m pretty sure I spent more time photo taking than actually eating.


13 thoughts on “The Modern Toilet Restaurant | Hong Kong

  1. I wish I had known about this place when I visited HK in february! I love novelty restaurants. I suppose it gives me yet another excuse to visit again!!!


  2. Kind of disappointing the food wasn’t amazing as well. All the decor, dishes, and table look extraordinary. Was there a real bathroom there that you saw?


    1. I have to say, I was a bit disappointed by that as well but it was worth going just for the pictures. There must have been an actual bathroom there somewhere but I don’t think I saw it!


  3. Never been to HK but I’ve heard about this toilet-themed restaurant before. My imagination’s so vivid that I can’t imagine actually eating here, maybe to accompany someone and have photos taken too, yes. 🙂 Nice blog by the way! 🙂


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