Hong Kong Part Four: free nights out and the end of a very big tour

Dates I was there: 13-15 July 2010

After a not-so-cultured lunch of Caesar Salad at the Pret-A-Manager in the IFC Mall, we hopped on the MTR and headed over the the cable car we needed to catch to get to the  Tian Tan Buddha. It was a pretty picturesque way to travel, above the water and the green mountains below. 

We arrived at what appeared to be a little shopping village, where many a trinket could be purchased. The giant buddha itself sat at the top of more than 360 steps. Due to the heat and our general laziness, we didn’t attempt the climb and instead took some pictures at the bottom. Instead, we wandered up to a nearby temple before going back to Da Dolce ice cream parlour. In hindsight, I wish I’d braved the climb- then the ice cream would have tasted even sweeter.

After our cable car back, we went off to Causeway Bay, where I got stared at and followed by a girl, who I can only assume mistook me for someone famous, in the MTR station. After I lost her, we wandered in and out of some quirky shops- I have no idea where- but couldn’t really buy anything due to a limited amount of time, money and space in my rucksack that was currently full of my shopping from Vietnam.

We grabbed some chips with meat sauce and sour cream from the Irish Potato and then went for our dinner at a restaurant called Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine, where we had pork jowls (which weren’t bad but not my favourite part of a pig), coconut rice (actually served in a coconut), vegetables in fish sauce, fried noodles and soft shell crab. The food took a while to come out but thankfully our waitress was on the ball and so chased it up for us. We then had a dessert of mango with glutinous rice- an interesting combination that works surprisingly well. Once we’d eaten, we went out to the cinema to see the remake of Predators- it wasn’t as good as Arnie’s version.

The next morning, we went for a final meal at The Flying Pan. I had Eggs Benedict with baked beans and lyonnaise potatoes. I miss that place- it felt like a local diner- small and buzzy- and the food was always exactly what I’d been craving whilst in Asia. Just in case we weren’t full, our host took us to the Portobello cafe in Soho for cake. With very full bellies, we caught the Star Ferry over to Kowloon.

And that is where my diary stops- after 3.5 months of travel around America, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Hong Kong, I never finished my travel journal.

I can still recall that night’s activities. As with the last club we went to, the place we went that night had a big charge on the door and then an open bar when you were inside. The difference this night was that it was Ladies’ Night in Wanchai, meaning that, at the bar we went to, it was free entry for girls- and still an open bar inside. So basically, we got free entry and free drinks all night. Thankfully, this time I was off the antibiotics so I could actually make the most of it.

In the morning, I could tell I’d made the most of it. I wasn’t feeling pretty as we went out into the heat for breakfast with my host and her mother. Thankfully the food perked me up, so I could manage wandering around a market before it was time to leave for our flight back home to England.


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