Hong Kong Part Two: open bars, views and discovering the future

Date I was there: 9-10 July 2010

In the morning, we went out to Aberdeen for a late lunch of noodle soup which consisted of beef, pork, squid balls, fish balls and some other bits and bobs. Afterwards, we decided that that was quite enough excitement for the time being and so crashed out by the pool, under the clouds. Despite the lack of sun, it was still hot enough for us to sleep on the sun-loungers.

Once we awoke, it was obviously time for breakfast, so we headed off to Central to grab some brinner (breakfast/dinner FYI) at the Flying Pan. I finished my grilled cheese and tomato sandwich in ten seconds flat- probably. It was small but delicious. I wasn’t feeling great so I had to take myself out for a walk in the not-so-fresh, hot and muggy air, whilst my friends forced down large quantities of waffles and pancakes. I didn’t regret my food order but in hindsight perhaps I should have ordered two. My walk took me to a temple, which had sadly closed at 8.30pm so I headed back.

After a couple of hours back at the flat, we re-emerged again for a night on the town. All the bars on the Main Street in Soho were packed out either side of us, as we wandered to a club called Sugar. The entry price was going to knock the wind out of you if you were a backpacker like us- HK$160 for girls and HK$250 for boys- but, once you were in, it was open bar, so you could easily make your money back. Sadly for me, due to the aforementioned illness, I was taking antibiotics and so wasn’t really able to drink. I therefore had to help myself to £16 worth of orange juice instead. Gutted. The club was quite empty apart from a couple of groups and a guy busting some wedding-dancefloor moves.

At about 1.30am, we decided to move on elsewhere. We tried the place next door, which was apparently free for girls but it seemed there was a guest list that we were not on. Instead we ended up at a bar called Zinc, which was happily full so we could barely move to dance. A waitress came over to tell us we had to order drinks if we wanted to stay so we left. Next we tried another bar, this time  Club 97. Finally we found somewhere busy but not too busy to dance. It also had a good atmosphere but it still wasn’t long before we left. We moved to a restaurant around the corner instead and found noodles with pork, beansprouts and mushroom. The noodles had the texture of Shredded Wheat but apparently that was done on purpose. That was fine for me because I do like my Shredded Wheat. Finally we caught a taxi and headed to bed.

In the morning, we went for dinner with my friend’s parents at a coffee shop on Macdonnell Road at Two (I think). It was good, with a buffet for starter (tuna salad, spare ribs, watercress soup, smoked salmon and pineapple chunks), spaghetti bolognese for my main and more buffet for dessert (two lots of cookies and ice cream with hundreds of thousands and nuts- unsurprisingly I couldn’t manage cake). We were sitting at a table in the high-rise building so we also had amazing views.

When we were in a position to move again, we headed to the MRT station so we could go and get our palms read. The place we were heading to apparently was the most accurate place we could go to but after seeing the HK$250 price-tag, I decided to leave my future a mystery. After my friends had some rather conflicting readings, regarding their love lives and eyebrows, I decided I had probably made the right decision.  One actually had quite a positive reading, with tales of marriage and their own business. Another was less positive- I don’t think she was happy. I did learn that big fingers apparently mean that you’ll be a bad housewife- which I took to mean that there was no point in me trying to get the hang of cleaning then.

After my friends had been enlightened, we went to a temple before visiting my host’s university. The views were pretty impressive I have to say. We ended up in the empty university bar (it was the summer holidays) playing pool. I actually got a couple of good shots in but shockingly I lost in the end. It was then time to eat again (of course) so we ordered some beef with satay noodles, friend rice with ham, lemon chicken, chicken bone and squid mouth at a restaurant nearby. Standard really. We returned to the university to catch the views from the roof of one of the colleges before falling asleep to Mamma Mia back at the flat.


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