Brussels Part Three: the journey home

Date I was there: 5 October 2014

The morning after the night before was not particularly pleasant. My Eurostar train left Brussels Midi/Zuid station at about midday and I think we had to be there about a half hour early. It didn’t take too long on the tube to get to the station but we still wanted to aim for a 10.30 checkout just to make sure. By 11am we were sitting on the tube- pretty good all things considered. 

After arriving at the train station, I made my way to the Business Premier check-in desk, only to be told that the Business Lounge was closed for refurbishment. Obviously. Obviously the only time in my life I will probably ever be travelling Business, the lounge would be closed. I still got free drinks and free magazines/newspapers though so it was okay. I’m about to embark on another round of job applications so I took the opportunity to stock up on the FT and The Economist for some light background reading. I was pretty impressed by the reading materials on offer I have to say.

As I stepped into my train carriage, I noticed the seats were exactly the same as Standard Premier. What was different was the food and the service. We got offered nibbles and champagne immediately before our Raymond Blanc lunches were served. The food was again similar to the Standard Premier, again I had cold Roast Beef  (instead of the hot fish option that was offered) although this time it came with a smoked salmon starter and a green bean/tomato side. I also got a bigger slice of meat. Now THIS was the best food I’ve ever had on public transport. Sadly I didn’t really feel like taking up the offer of champagne and wine on this occasion so orange juice and copious amounts of tea it was. I decided to jazz up my water by adding in the piece of lemon from my salmon starter. I just ended up with fishy lemon water. I had to fish it out (geddit) whilst no one was looking. Good one Ellis.


This time around, I had charged my phone battery beforehand but Sadly ‘Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents’ was not what I felt like watching at that moment in time so I settled for my music and watched the world go by, cuddled up in my surprisingly comfy seat.


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