My four best burgers ever

As far as I’m concerned, you just can’t beat a good burger. Throw in a gherkin, some cheese and a nice pile of chips and I’m a happy chappy. Since I live in England, it is unsurprising that I’ve found most of my favourite burgers here but the winning spot has to go to New Zealand.

#4. Annie’s Burger Shack, Nottingham, UK


Annie’s Burger Shack was on my Nottingham bucket list for a while but sadly I never made it before my graduation. Thankfully, I managed to convince a friend to come with me when I went back for a visit- she had been before so it wasn’t hard to persuade her. This was absolutely the wrong time to discover it. The menu has so many unique, mouth-watering combinations that it took quite a while just to order food. I settled on a fajita inspired burger which was pretty good but not as tasty has my friend’s pulled pork burger. Thankfully, they were huge so I got her leftovers! It looks like I’m going to have to go back to Nottingham just to explore that menu.

#3. The Ferry Inn, Stone in Oxney, Kent, UK

I didn’t expect to find one of the greatest burgers in a pub in a little Kentish village, so sadly I didn’t have a camera on me. Trust me though, it was good. My burger came with a rather cold corn-on-the-cob but that just didn’t matter. My steak and chorizo was lovingly wrapped in a tortilla instead of sandwiched in a bun, which turned out to be genius. It also came with cheese, gherkin and chutney. Omg. My. God. I was happy. Did I mention the chunky, beef dripping chips? Because those are also worth mentioning.

#2. Spanky Van Dykes, Nottingham, UK


My timing was seriously off in Nottingham, I only discovered Spanky’s burgers towards the end of my time at university. Even worse, they do 2-4-1 on Tuesdays. That’s three years of cheap burgers I could have been enjoying. Oh and the chips were amazing and came complete with some potato skin still on them. Thankfully, I recently discovered that the bar is a semi-chain. Several bars across the country have the same Ruby Jean’s Diner menu, so off I went to the Sindercombe Social in Shepherd’s Bush, London. The bar didn’t have the same vibe as Spankys and the food wasn’t quite as good but I am happy to know that my favourite burgers are in reaching distance again. Sadly my salsa burger is no longer on the menu but my chorizo and chipotle jam burger was a  pretty happy alternative.

#1. Fergburger, Queenstown, New Zealand

Queenstown- Fergburger

Fergburger is legendary in the backpackers’ world. They’re huge, they’re delicious and there is so much choice with an imaginative menu. If you want to go standard, that’s good, if you want to mix it up with lamb, deer, hash browns or an array of sauces, then that works too. You just can’t go wrong. There is such a good variety that you could happily eat here all day, everyday. I’d walk back to NZ for one of those bad boys. If that wasn’t enough, it’s open 21 hours a day, so get your timings right and you have one tasty treat waiting for you after a night out. All hail the Fergburger!

As ever, I am always on the hunt for a good burger, so if you have any recommendations then let me know! 


23 thoughts on “My four best burgers ever

  1. I’m a huge lover of burgers too, had a great one in a restaurant called Joe’s in London (wasn’t even on the menu) but was amazing! That photo from Annies makes me crave another though!! 😀


  2. Oh I’m sure youe have never been in Heidelberg, Germany.
    There is a Guy, his Name is Joe Molese 😉

    He is italien and he was born in New Jersey, but he is living in Germany since some years.

    Beste. Burger. EVER! I promise. You need to go there. I’m from Berlin, Germany and I was traveling there 4 times just for the Burgers!



    1. I hope you have a fantastic trip! Unfortunately, none of those burger places are in London, Berlin or Munich but there are so many great places to eat in those places (well in London and Berlin anyway, I have never been to Munich!) if you have some time, I have done several reviews on places to eat in London and Berlin.


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