3 tried and tested jogging routes in England

It took me 21 years to agree to try out jogging and now, at 22, it’s finally starting to catch on. I seem to have been rather lucky with my jogging routes, and somehow always find somewhere rather scenic.

1. In the city: Nottingham

I first started jogging after being inspired/made to feel guilty by my more proactive university housemates. During my final year, I was lucky enough to live next to Wollaton Park, whose resident hall was the setting for Wayne Manor in the final Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises. Parks are a fantastic place to go running if you live in the city, they’re scenic and, depending on the time of day and the season, they can be quiet. Wollaton Park is home to several deer and at one point I realised one was actually running beside me (briefly)- how very Snow White. Ok, maybe it was less running with me and more ran up to me, realised I was there and then darted away, but still, you get the picture.


2. By the seaside: Southwold, Suffolk

During the winter, being by the sea can be bitterly cold but, during the summer, the promenade is inevitably packed with holidaymakers. Happily, I’ve found a warm summer’s morning or evening is the perfect time for a jog; there’s a nice light and few people around. You’ll also be grateful for the breeze. As I ran along the promenade this evening, the streetlights were on and the pier was lit up by fairy lights. Everything was covered in a blue haze and the breeze was still warm. I even stopped off for a paddle in the surprisingly mild water.


3. In the countryside: Kent

I always put off going for a run at home; I live on a country road, with no path, cars going too fast and lots of potholes. Admittedly, I had a point. When a car comes by, there is a good chance you’ll have to dive into a pile of stingy nettles. There are lots of bugs, so you will likely end up with some nice red bites. And, you have to be careful not to fall into a pothole and hurt your ankle. Despite all that, the corn fields are a pretty sight. Just make sure you have your wits about you.


Admittedly this photo is Instagram-ed! 


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